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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Adobe Ships Creative Suite 2

Apple Bumps Power Mac G5s To 2.7GHz

Apple on Wednesday unveiled upgrades to its line of dual-processor Power Mac G5 desktop computers, raising the top-end system's processor speed from 2.5 to 2.7GHz.

Apple Lowers Prices On Cinema Displays

Apple on Wednesday announced lower prices for its line of flat panel Cinema Displays.

Easy Listening Via 'Podcasts'

Digital shows you can download to an MP3 player have a U.S. audience in the millions.

iTunes Is Here!

At least one Mac and music enthusiast in Australia has already downloaded a track from iTunes Music Store and paid for it with his Australian credit card.

Sophos Describes Mac/Cowhand-A "Virus"

Sophos has posted a vague description of a new potential proxy Trojan for Mac OS X called "Mac/Cowhand-A."

Amazon Spills The Beans On New Power Mac G5

The popular online catalog reseller has listed a 2.7GHz dual-procesor Power Mac G5 model at US$2,994.99.

RealNetworks Rekindles iPod Tech Tussle

In the midst of a broader music release, RealNetworks has quietly renewed its iPod technology battle with Apple.

New iTunes Music Stores Expected This Week


Put A Tiger In Your Mac

After playing with Tiger for the better part of an evening, I can say it's full of welcome surprises.

Apple's Sweet Image Is False

Steve Jobs Continues Assault On The Press

Through the years, Apple's action shave been downright Stalinist.

Apple In Denial Over Security

Look, Steve, You've Made Your Point; Besides, I Think Book Burning Breaks Some Ordinance

Here's To The Crazy Ones

One of the coolest pages on was always the Think Different poem.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Starting in our June 2005 issue, we'll be providing short biographies of the authors of all our major reviews. That way, you'll know who our reviewers are and have some idea about their qualifications and perspectives.


Housecleaning Tips For Tiger

New Mac Mini Goes After Frustrated Windows Users


While the production values are solid, the flaws suck much of hte pure enjoyment that could have been had in this little game.

Run ColdFusion On Your Mac


Feed Your iPod

Podcasts are everywhere — now, even Macworld has one. In this pilot episode, Cyrus Farivar talks to Glenn Flesihman about bluetooth.


Isn't it about time for Steve Jobs to set up yet another company that develops the next generation of operating system for Intel chips, sit back, relax, and wait to reverse-buyout Microsoft and their Copland... er, Longhorn?



Is The Windows Market Saturated? Microsoft Says No

Microsoft has a number of ideas, which it is sharing with its hardware and software partners, as to how to ratchet up Windows desktop revenues by billions per year.

Real Unveils Rhapsody To Go, More

iPod is not on the list of supported devices.

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