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Sunday, May 1, 2005


Me, Myself And iPod

The latest craze in music-listening technology offers new territory for self expression.

Give The Listeners What They Want

Apple's iTunes Music Store is changing the way labels and artists sell their songs by both increasing exposure and focusing on specialized audiences.

They Love Their Macs But Want Free Upgrades

Computer programmer Sean Bamforth is among many loyal Apple customers who recently purchased new Macs and feel they deserve a free — or at least discounted — upgrade to the new Tiger operating system that hits store shelves this evening at a list price of $129.

Tiger's Core Data Draws Developers


Some More Thoughts On The Tiger Delay

Apple can blame the shippers, but that is absolute nonsense.

Guest Blogger: Context And Reader Bias Matter

"I believe that Steve has earned a permanent spot in the esteem of his colleagues and that he's been so successful that he's earned the right to do what he wants in his businesses with their products, strategies and offerings."


More Tiger Notes

After seeing how RSS was implemented in Firefox I had pretty much rejected whole idea of RSS in a browser. The Firefox implementation is just nasty. Apple got it right.

Mac's Tiger Gives Panther Owners Little Reason To Pounce

Panther is already very good on its own, while this release exhibits a few rough patches — meaning Tiger doesn't quite have an immediate, must-buy-now appeal.

A Little About Safari RSS

Bloglines (and NetNews Wire and Pulp Fiction and all the other fantastic RSS readers for OS X) doesn't have anything to fear from Safari RSS.


Spotlight Truly Finds Everything

Try looking for crap in your Mac, and see what turns up...

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