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Monday, May 2, 2005


Jobs To Kick Off WWDC 2005 Keynote

No surprise to regular attendees of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), but Apple confirmed on Monday that CEO Steve Jobs will take center stage at the event's keynote when WWDC 2005 kicks off on Mondya, June 6, 2005.

The iDog: An iPod's Best Friend

The iDog dances, emotes, "speaks" and illuminates based on where you touch it, how you move it or what you say to it. But the coolest feature is the audio-in jack which enables you to use the iDog's built-in speakers to play your iPod through!

Hackers Aren't Just Picking On Microsoft

Anti-virus software and iPod listed as popular targets.

iPod Demand Stretches Supply In New Zealand

Apple's inability to match demand of its popular iPod portable music players with supply is once again frustrating its New Zealand resellers.

Small Firm Aims High With iPod Add-On

Macintosh product maker Sonnet Technologies has kept the faith with Apple through good times and bad. With the iPod now taking Apple's profits into the stratosphere, the 50-employee firm is hoping to hitch a ride to the big time.

An iPod Crime Wave? How terrible. On Second Thoguht...

If iPods are targets of theft, isn't the implicit message that iPods are objects of desire? "You can't buy ads that say that."

Rows Between Jobs And Disney Boils Up

The book that Steve Jobs tried to ban has some interesting words about a clash between the Apple supermeo and that other Mickey Mouse outfit Disney, it trnaspires.


After The Mac Mini, Is There Still A Market For Used Macs?

There remains lots of reasons to buy used Macs.

H.264 Is Amazing

Apple: Predator Or Protagonist?

It appears that what Apple has done is to take meaningful, desirable third-party services and applications and "rollt heir own" inside the operating system, thus presenting user with a fuller package of features.

Changing Face Of Apple India

Apple has woken up to the reality that India can be a sizable market indeed.

Longhorn Mentioned In Nearly Every Apple Mac OS X Tiger Review To Assuage Windows Masses

Right now, Winodws users who are reading about Mac OS X Tiger have a very unpleasant feeling. It's painfully apparent that the personal computers they are using, even with the latest hardware and Windows XP SP2, are far behind Apple's Mac platform.


Tiger Client, Meet Tiger Server

Tiger's Updated .Mac Doesn't Cut It

Tiger OS Turns Spotlight On Strengths Of Macintosh Computers

ICeCoffEE And Tiger

Tiger is great except for the imposibly broken Find/Spotlight UI... The new version doesn't let you easily see deeply nested paths to multiple folders by just using the arrow keys on find results, which I've done since Find file in System 7.5.

Import OPML Into Safari RSS

While there currently isn't a way of importing al your RSS feeds into Safari 2 (Tiger) here's a slightly roundabout that works. You will need a copy of firefox, with the Sage RSS extension installed.


Look Ma, Two Hands

Dell computers are so easy to use that one can even simply, er, type upside down.


Longhorn Evangelism 'Team 99' Resurfaces

Microsoft plans to restart its stalled Longhorn evangelism effort with another all-volunteer army.

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