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Saturday, May 7, 2005


Minimal Updates On MyAppleMenu Between May 8 - 15

Tomorrow, I'm going off to Guangzhou (China, if you didn't recognize that) for a business trip. One week of meetings, programming, and tons of bugs-fixing.

As such, I will probably not be updating this web site too much, if at all. The amount of updates will depend on whether I have the time, the internet connect, and the access to my online tools (Bloglines, Google, etc) and news sites (New York Times, Washhington Post). But, it is probably be safe to say, updates will be less than normal.

Normal updates will resume on May 16th.


When Will Apple Grow Up?

Tiger is great, or it will be soon. But if Apple wants to be considered a player in the enterprise, then it needs to improve its beta trial system to avoid the surprises now visitng networked Macs.

The Future Of Music Distribution And Sales?

It took zero radio play, zero ad budget and no retail store was necessary for this transaction.


Tiger Makes Mac's Edge Even Sharper

Unlike search add-ons for PCs, Tiger's Spotlight is always available.

The Sims 2

The Sims 2 keeps what was fun about the original while offering a huge amount of new challenge.

Tiger Evaluated: Spotlight

Yes, it hasn't reached its full potential. But what's already there in Mac OS X 10.4.0 is pretty impressive, and I have the feeling that it'll only get better.


In A World Of Their Own

iPod users already immerse themselves in a musical (and/or podcasting) world, cutting off communications with others in the "real" world.

And now, you don't even have to talk to anyone when purchasing an iPod. (Even if you buy from Apple's online store, you still may have to speak with the delivery guy.)

Introducing: the iPod Vending Machine.

Headless USB Drive

You've seen the headless iMac. (a.k.a. Mac mini) Now, see the headless USB drive that may give you or your daughter nightmares.


Meet The Head Of Microsoft's Linux Lab

Bill Hilf is the techie behind Microsoft's Linux listening post. He also is a key player in Microsoff's evolving strategy to reach out to the open-source community.

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