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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Second iPod Manufacturer Up And Running

Bob D'Amico: 24 Years As ABC's Chief Photographer

"In photography, it has always been the Mac — I've never thought of using anything else."

American Museum Of Natural History: Tyrannosaurus Wren?

"Everything in the exhibit — nearly all the 3D — was designed and rendered on Macs."

In An 'On-Demand' iPod World, Something's Gotta Give

For radio, a huge generation gap is developing.

3.2GHz+ Macs By Christmas?

Microsoft's choice of 3.2GHz PowerPC processors in its new Xbox 360 could suggest significantly faster Macs when the console ships at Christmas.


OS X Tiger Upgrade: The Ugly

The upgrade was a frustrating, time-sucking exercise from the start.

True Crime: Streets Of L.A.

It's no Grand Theft Auto, but if you like third-person shooters and are looking for a game that lets you explore your thug side, this might fit the bill.


Back In Singapore

I'm back from my trip to Guangzhou. A bit under the weather: headache, sneezing, blocked + running nose, cough, general weakness — all the symptons of a flu, I have. And, oh, fever too. But I managed to get rid of the fever by eating tons and tons (okay, 2 x 4 per day) of Panadol while I was in China. Don't want people to suspect me of having SARS, seeing that I was in the SARS capital of the world.

Anyway, went to see my family's regular doctor this morning, and we all agree it was flu. :-)

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