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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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Sun's McNealy Sounds Off; Gates Faces Tough Questions; Apple's Jobs Talks Podcasts

Jobs proclaimed himself a solid believer in the "halo effect" of iPod sales fueling Mac sales, pointing to strong growth in recent quarters.


iPod Plug-In Sets Music Free

iPod users are raving about a plug-in that makes the Winamp digital jukebox a better way to manage the iPod than Apple's iTunes.

Apple Opens First Canadian Apple Store

Amidst much fanfare, Apple has opened its first Canadian direct retail location, the Apple Store at Toronto upscale Yorkdale Mall.

The Shot Phoned Round The World

Given the relative importance of digital muci to both Apple and Microsoft, one thing is clear: Jobs has more to lose, including an early lead.

Apple Explores Use Of Chips From Intel For Macintosh Line

Book Chronicles Steve Jobs' Successful 'Second Act'

Ultimately, iCon paints Jobs as a captivating captain of industry with an "uncanny power of persuation" and as a loving parent.

Apple Could Help Music Industry Cash In On Music Videos

According to Merrill Lynch's Steve Milunovich, the music industry would likely cooperate with Apple in the sale of music videos, which are often costly to produce but offer very little direct monetary return.

Potential Supply Deal Between Apple, Intel Stirs Buzz, Stock Price

Investors Monday bought shares in Apple and Intel following a report that resurrected a rumor that has popped up from time to time over the years.

Motorola iPhone Demoed At The D

Podcasting In iTunes 4.9

There appears two methods for inclusion into the store.

Steve Jobs Makes Us Work

"The law is very clear... you aren't protected by the First Amendment if you are breaking the law."

Apple iPod To Catch Podcasts

"Users will submit their podcasts and Apple will be hand picking the content it makes available to iTunes users."

iTunes 4.8 Fiddles With File Names On iPods

The new file names consist of four, seemingly, random characters in an effort to make the database on the iPod a little faster.


Why Apple Won't Embrace Intel

If Apple doesn't take legal action, that says a lot about who may ultimately be the source of this latest rumor — Apple itself.

Jobs On Suing Bloggers

At the core of this case is a clear attempt to draw a line between professional and amateur journalism, and as a practitioner of both, I have to say it's a very dangerous line to be drawing.


Food, Singapore Style

If you are interested in the kinds of food I get to eat here in Singapore (besides the occasional Big Mac and Whopper), here's a great flickr photoset.

Rumor Today: More On The Mac Tablet

iTab? PowerSlate? Anyhoo, someone over at Engadget knows someone who heard that someone has actually touched a prototype of the rumored Mac Tablet.

Leander's Back

Leander Kahney: Things have settled down a bit, and I hope to continue the [Cult of Mac] blog as normal with daily posts.


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