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Thursday, May 26, 2005


iPod Snatchers Fuel 26 Percent Rise In Robberies

The popularity of iPods and new mobile phones has fuelled a sharp rise in street robbery int he capital, according to Britain's most senior police officer.

Apple's Ive, iPod, Cinema Display Receive Awards

Apple Fixes Hole In Keynote

The Keynote 2.0.2 update fixes a flaw that could allow an attacker to access files on a Mac by crafting a malicious Keynote presentation.

iMuffs For The Headphone-Challenged

Love your iPod but hate getting tangled up with headphone wires? San Francisco start up Wi-Gear is coming out with a Bluetooth adaptor called iMuffs that helps cut the cord.

ABC, NBC News Launch News Podcasts

ABC News and NBC News each plunged into the world of podcasting on Wednesday with plans to offer TV newscasts as on-demand audio programs over the web.

Cobb Schools Receiving Laptops

Cobb County's $70 million laptop program is scheduled to roll out this week. Lassiter High School is one of the four that have already received Apple iBooks.

Apple #1 In June 2005 Consumer Reports


Should Apple Applications Be Movable?

Why do we still have this problem?

iPod Killers?

If cell phone companies want to be competitive with Apple, they will have to accept that they must charge the same price 99 cents that iTunes charges. And they have to have the same flexibility that people are accustomed to with their music.

OK Computer?

If more of us used current Macs as our first computers, and every day in our jobs, would we collectively like computers more?


Burning Monkey Solitaire 2005

The game is funny, visually appealing, aurally enjoyable and chocked full of the world's best Solitaire variations.

Klipsch iFi: iPod-Based Home Speaker System

Those shopping for speakers for their desktop should look elsewhere, but for a home stereo setting, the iFi is the best sounding iPod speaker system we've heard, by a significant margin.


We Own This Space

Quick, before Microsoft finally release Longhorn, let's create a new verb "Spotlight" to mean searching on a computer...

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