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Friday, May 27, 2005


Podcasters Tune Into Apple

Apple's announced support of podcasting will be a signal event for the technology, propelling it from a hobbyist's pursuit to a medium that less tech-savvy people might explore and enjoy.

FileMaker Wins Three Codies

The Mac Startup Sound

The Mac startup sound wasn't a marketing exercise. It was a hack that was quietly dropped into the machine by an engineer with a home studio.

Tiger Bits: Autocomplete In Cocoa Applications

If you jus tdon't fee like typing the rest of the word you are in the middle of, just hit the 'Esc' key.

Apple's Business Solid In A Seasonally Slow Period

"Apple's business appears to be solid in what is typically a seasonally slower period."

Apple To Open New Los Angeles Retail Store June 4

Speck Gives iPod A Leg Up

iGuy is a silicone case, similar to other iPod jackets, but it adds bendable arms and legs to the typical design.


OS X Tiger, Skinned

OS X User Interface Trend: Goodbye Stripes

OS X has gone from very stripy to moderately stripy to not very stripy.

Ground Rules For The Windows-Macintosh War

The Mac-Windows war is especially pointless, protracted, and winnerless. Still, I'd like to suggest, as a starting point of civility, a few pointers for participants in the O.S. war.

Steve Jobs: Souping Up Macs?

Jobs may be thinking that Apple can win over even more converts if Macs were powered with Intel chips.

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

Apple's time, energy, resources and considerable determination would be best directed toward tightening up software quality-control processes and making sure the paths Apple blazed into personal and entertainment technology are not overrun and overtaken by the barbarians on the horizon, gearing up to storm Apple's gates.




An Apple A Day

Shufflehacks: Dedicated to hacking, modding, and pimping the hoo-ha out of the iPod shuffle.

Let's Go Break Scroll Bar Next

Honestly, I don't really understand why Microsoft's web rendering engine — part of the OS — can be broken by a third-party application that easily.

What's next? Scroll bars in Windows stop working after installing iTunes? :-)


The Scobleizer Bunny

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