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Saturday, May 28, 2005


'But I Neeeeeed It!' She Suggested

Although parents have long struggled with their teenagers' desire to own the newest, coolest stuff, these days the battle has reached a new dimension. While teenagers once coveted $100 sneakers and jeans, the must-have items now — iPods, cellphones with cameras, and portable DVD players — are high-tech, constantly in need of upgrade and can cost up to $500 each.

With Irreverence And An iPod, Recreating The Museum Tour

Museum guides are an outgrowth of a recent podcasting trend called "sound seeing," in which people record narrations of their travels and upload them onto the Internet for others to enjoy.

iTunes 'Cybersquatting' Row Threatens Nominet Authority

The authority of the UK's domain name registrar has been called into question after the owner of the domain name investigated what rights the registrar had to make him hand the URL to Apple.

Apple Opens The Studio In Chicago Retail Store

Apple has a new help desk to help creative types overcome artistic roadblocks.

Japan Primer For The Mac techno-Tourist

This article emerged from my desire to help out other Mac tech geeks who find themselves in Japan wanting to take something back home for your Mac.

The Sims 2 Goes Gold

Aspyr Media announced that The Sims 2 will be shipping sometime in June.

Apple Not Serious About Sirius

Jobs is said to be waiting for compelling content that would justify the development of a hybrid product.

Melissa Butts: Touring Mars In 3D

"With the Mac and software, I can do the stuff I did on my flame probably five times faster. And I can still afford to buy a house and not have to pre-donate my body to science."

Digital Neural Axis: Evolutionary Leap

The shop represents the next step in the evolution of digital video and film production, a new species that can compete with large effects houses.


Splitters Gone Wild

If Apple's UI decisions say that it's okay to sacrifice usability for a distinctive look, then many developers will do that. It's a long, long way away — but at the end of that particular road is Windows.

MPEG-4 Vs. Microsoft VC-1: Why High-Definition Video Software Standards Are Irrelevant

What I Think Happened To Mail

My guess is that, simply, Apple changed its mind about the unique shapes.


Tiger Evaluated: Dashboard

For it to be a true success, Apple needs to give users more flexibility over where Widgets live and more control over installing, removing, and organizing them.

Hello Kitty: Bubblegum Girlfriends

In Hello Kitty: Bubblegum Girlfriends, lousy quality control sabotages an otherwise fine title for the underserved young girls' market.


Why Is Singapoer In The "Wrong" Time Zone?

The executive summary: Singapore is running on Daylight Saving Time, all year round, and we get more daylights during the waking hours.

The long answer: What time is it really depends more on the lawyers, economists, politicians and businessmen.

I Love Dad — If You Can Hear Me

Looks like somebody has his iPod switched on a little too frequent. :-)

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