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Sunday, May 29, 2005


First Into Apple Store Gets His 15 Minutes

After camping out for four days and four nights, Allan Sorensen archived his goal of being the first customer at the new Apple store in Yorkdale Mall.

Switch To Macs Has Web All Riled Up

A Seminole technology security expert is surprised by reaction to his post of frstruation with Windows and Intel.


The Inexplicable Pressed State Of The Round Textured Button

Now you'll wonder why you have to do it, when this button exists as a standard button type in Interface Builder.

Smart Things

A really cool innovation would be a consistent user inferface for smart thing creators.


Synchronizing Your iPod Files

iPod seems so easy to use, few people do more than skim the manual before they start out transferring files. But there are some quirks you need to understand.

Programmer's Seat Open To Tiger Users

Spotlight, Automator and Widgets all involve aspects of programmming, and provide a clear set of stepping stones for someone to develop more of an interest.

The Resurrection Of A Business Legend

So this is the book that Steve Jobs wanted to ban. Heaven only knows why.

Buying The Right Mac

So which Mac is right for you? Apple has a full line of computers developed with all levels of users in mind.


Apple's Chinese Web Pages Less Than Perfect?

You may not be able to read Chinese, but applewoods points out that Apple had mixed up Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese on their Chinese web sites. Once you know that Traditional Chinese is used primarily in Taiwan, while Simplified Chinese is used primarily in mainland China, you'd realize that this may not be a small deal.

Applewoods also pointed out that information in Chinese is a little short of what the English-equivalent provides.

Don't Use Too Many Uppercase Characters

Be careful when using your shift key, as this picture demonstrates.

Microsoft Wake Up!

Geek News Central: Podcasting and the whole audio revolution is going to leave you in a cloud of dust, if you don't wake up... If you cannot respond in the next 30 - 45 days you are going to fall further behind.

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