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Monday, May 30, 2005


Schools See Laptops As Motivator


Is Apple A Good Open Source Citizen?

If the momentum behind open source is going to continue to build, companies and independent developers must find a way to get along — even if they don't always agree on practices.

Capsules Are The New New Thing


Windows-Mac Transition Should Be Painless


Apples And Oranges

Mike Langberg, Knight Ridder Newspapers: The combination of Tiger and the G5 is delivering today as much or more as Longhorn is promising in 18 months.

Better PowerPC Chips For Macintosh Users?

Now that IBM has gained three more customers — Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo — who are all out to create the most powerful gaming machines, can we see better chips for Macintosh users too?

Yes Sir, There Will Be Support For Podcast In The Next Windows Media Player

That's because Robert Scoble says so.

Well, that's not exactly what he said. Actually, I don't know what he actually said. All he said is that there is a podcasting team. Doesn't say what the team actually does.

Maybe podcasting is just another codename for implementing WinFS on the next-next version of Windows.


But seriously, podcasting will go mainstream. That's my prediction. We will — or at least, my daughter will — look back at the history of media, and note that the era of broadcasting is just a short exception to the rule of customer being in control.

Spam Milestone

Today marks a brand new milestone for me: I received my first-ever SMS spam.

The Ultimate iPod-Killer

Shawn Hartley: It is kind of funny that the first product that could truly be called an iPod killer, is in fact, a different iPod.

Shawn is talking about the iPod shuffle, which he uses more often than his first-generation iPod, which he also owns.

To me, the greatest appeal of the iPod is not because it is an iPod. The greatest appeal is iTunes. For any other companies that want to create an iPod-killer for me, they would have to duplicate the iTunes experience, and they would have to make the experience work for me on my iBook.


Intel Preps Mac Mini Look-Alike

A new Wintel prototype that openly apes Apple's popular Mac mini is due out this week, sources told Wired News, giving Intel a showcase to prove its chips are a match for anyone when it comes to tiny PC designs.

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