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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Newcomer Is No.1; Apple's Jobs Falls To 99

Apple boss Steve Jobs, who topped the Los Angeles Times' executive pay survey last year, is next to last on the new list after his compensation plunged from $74.8 million to just $1.


Kill The "iPod Killers"

The popularity of the iPod is about far more than the device's design. The iPod is part of a digital music experience — one that beautifully integrates an intuitive software client in iTues and a source for music in the iTunes Music Store. Name a simple "iPod killer" that offers this kind of integration. It doesn't exist.

Source Lists

Not even within the company that makes up the operating system and writes down the rules for the user interface, there seems to be a single concept of what a source list is and how it should behave.

How Apple Will Change Everything About Podcasting, #2 — How Much Could Howard Stern Make Podcasting Via iTunes Vs. Broadcasting Via Sirius?

Mail And Click Through

The new toolbar does the icons-inside-buttons thing, which makes sense, and may be a usability gain. However, here's a weird thing I noticed.

Focus Madness

OS X has been a step backwards for focus indication, which makes using your computer just a little bit harder than it should be.


Griffin Powermate

I like it, but the price is a bit heavy for something which isn't quite as nice as it could have been.


So, The iPhone Was Delayed?

The switch blog discovered localization support for phone within the current version of iTunes. So, perhaps, iPhone was indeed delay due to non-technical issues as it was supposed to be introduced together with iTunes 4.8?

Just guessing, on my part.

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