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Wednesday, June 1, 2005


Adobe Sees Video, Mobile Imaging As Key To Industry's Future

"We are everywhere you look. Whether it's a logo on a bottle label, an effect in a movie, a TV commercial, an image on a Web site, a layout in a newspaper or a picture in a magazine — there is a high probability that the content was touched by Adobe."

Analyst Keeps 'Hold' On AAPL, Cites Slowing Growth, High Expectations

"We find its shares fairly valued at these levles and remains concerned with slowing growth and high investor expectations."

London Uni Makes Music With Macs

The music department of Thames Valley Univversity is almsot exclusively Mac based.

Free Summer Camp Workshops At Apple Store

Apple is bringing one of the America's best-loved institutions to the UK. Summer Camp.

Quicktime 7.01

"Several important bug fixes, a security enhancement, and improved compatibility with Final Cut Studio."


The Mac UI Question

Unfortunately, we're not only talking about style, we're also talking about fashion.

Hypertext Links As Native UI


Everything You Wanted To Know About Safari RSS, Part 1

Over these next few installments, I'm going to show you what can and cannot be done with Safari RSS, what to expect from it, and how to take these capabilities as far as possible so that your foray into the world of RSS goes as smoothly as possible.

QuickTime 7 And DivX 5 Don't Mix

Reason 3: Virtual Rack Of Music Gear Gets Sweeter Sounding

There's nothing else on the market that offers this kind of simple, powerful routing and hardware-style control, or that packs this many instruments into one box at this price.


Rumor Today: Apple's Becomig Major Game Publisher On One Particular Platform?

Tired of the music quiz on your iPod, because you now know every single piece of tune? Bored no more. Everyone's favorite game (in the 80's, i.e.), Tetris, will be making an appearance on the iPod photo, according to AppleInsider.

The First Popular Wireless Communication

No, Apple wasn't really the first enterprise that popularized the wireless communication when Steve Jobs made his "look-ma, no cables" AirPort demonstration.

Shame Shame

The people that bought you the Luxpro Super tangent — the iPod shuffle clone — not only have no sense of pride and no sense of taste, they are also technically incompetent. A reader over at iPodlounge bought one of these clones, and discoverd that "nothing that works even close to right."

Update: On the other hand, Phillip Torrone of Make found some features that he liked about the clone.

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