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Friday, June 3, 2005


The World In The iPod

The microchip that runs Apple's popular music player is made in India, Taiwan, China and Silicon valley. In this an example of how globalization works to everyone's benefit — or a sign that the world economy is about to roll over America?

Apple Settles iPod Battery Class Action Suit

Apple is offering a US$50 coupon and extended warranties to consumers who can produce a receipt.


Getting The Boot

You can't boot OS X from a USB hard drive.


That's Hot

If you have one of Apple's brick-like power adapter/plug, you'd notice that it can get quite warm on that little equipment. So, why not turn that into a feature, and call it a "coffee/tea warmer" too?

The Difference $29 Makes

Just to help Apple clarifies a little detail about QuickTime 7...

QuickTime 7 is free. The standard Apple-issued QuickTime Player 7 is shareware. To get more features for your QuickTime Player 7, you'd need to pay $29. Or you can go find another player. But, QuickTime 7 is free.

That concludes MyAppleMenu's public service announcement today.

The Difference Between Artist And Thief

Apple designed new things. Luxpro slapped other people's design on a standard chipset and add a screen.

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