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Sunday, June 5, 2005


16 Percent Of Computer Users Are Unaffected By Viruses, Malware Because They Use Apple Macs

Intel, Apple Coupling Could Woo Hollywood

The new alliance between Apple and Intel will reverberate through Silicon Valley, and it will likely make waves in Hollywood, too.

Apple Seeds: iPod Innovators Seen As Blueprint For U.S. Future

If you want to see the future of American manufacturing, turn over your iPod and look on the back. "Designed by Apple in California," it reads in small print at the bottom. Then it adds: "Assembled in China."

iPod: A World In Your Ear

Such is the burgeoning world of the iPod.

Internet Busy With Talk Of Apple/IBM Parting

Intel's Ongoing Courtship Of Apple

"Apple is a design win that we've coveted for 20 years and we continue to covet them as a design win. We will never give up on Apple."

Apple To Ditch IBM, Switch To Intel Chips

Apple plans to announce Monday that it's scrapping its partnership with IBM and switching its computers to Intel's microprocessors, CNET has learned.


What's Right About The PowerPC?

I find it difficult to understand the insistence by some in the industry that Apple would be attracted to Intel's processor lines since, for the most part, the PowerPC is working well for it.

I'll See You Intel

I can't think of a single sceanrio, no matter how contrived, that both fits with what CNet and the Journal have reported and makes sense for Apple and its customers and developers.

But Which Chip Is Intel Making For Apple?

What if Intel's going to be manufacturing the PowerPC chips that OS X already runs on?

Back To My iPod 15gb From The Shufffle

Neither a big iPod nor the current shuffle are ideal.

Our Passion, Your Whatever :) - Microsoft's Mediocre Marketing

Apple markets their products in a way that emphasizes lifestyle as well as creates aspirational desires that users believe they can achieve.

Apple's Lost Opportunity

AMD [is] absolutely crushing Intel. Imagine what PowerBooks could do on AMD's kind of power-performance point.

Will Jobs Embrace Intel?

My gut tells me that this is Steve Jobs' greatest revenge on the folks running rumor sites and that this information was seeded to unreliable insiders who then blabbed.

Skeptics Can't Believe Apple Is Giving IBM The Boot

This is a real story, and I've gotten confirmation from people who know. I can't say more, though, cause I don't want Apple to sue me to find out my sources.

Apple On Intel?

If I had to guess, I'd join several of the pundits out there in saying that any new Apple-Intel relationship is more likely about a new technology or new piece of hardware, and not about a wholesale abandonment of the PowerPC chips.


Jammin' Racer

Jammin' Racer is an excellent product with great graphics, phenomenal control, pleasing music and sound effects, and lots of intense, raw speed.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Safari RSS, Part 2

In this article, F.J. focuses on viewing and customizing your news feeds in Safari RSS.

Tinkering With Tiger


Evil Thoughts

Intel has been making denials about the DRM system embedded in the latest Pentium D processor.

Now, what if Intel is not confirming the DRM not because it isn't there, or it wanted security through obscurity, but because Steve Jobs told Intel not to say anything?


One More Thing...

Intel Inside the Apple.

Don't Feel Like Shelling Out Money For QuickTime Pro?

Here's how you can play full-screen movies with a Dashboard widget...

Tidbits From The Blogs

Here' how you can check your battery life.

User-Interface Designers Take Note

Spencer Critchley is going to travel with a hammer from now on. Watch Out!

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