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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Apple Neglects Korean iPod Users

Apple said it is not considering any compensation for South Korean owners of earlier versions of iPod MP3 players that were falsely advertised for their battery charge capacity and lifetime.

It's A Toy! It's An iPod Case! It's Tim Hickman's iGuy!

Hickman's creation is iGuy, a distinctive semi-human-shaped case for the ever-popular iPod, and it's garnering a whole lot of attention for Palo Alto-based Speck Products.

Close Your Eyes And Read: The iPod Generation Turns On The Audio Books

Sales of audio books for beach and poolside are soaring and the UK publishing industry is about to be hit by the same revolution that has overhauled the music world — the iPod-friendly download.

Are We Going To See The Blue Man Group In A Silhouette Ad?


First Impression Of Mac And OS X

This just works.

Misreading Between The Lines

Don't Get Me Started

I was blown away. No one from IBM had ever done that for us.

The Hero Of WWDC

Code changes? Nope, just time spent mainly in various inspector windows in Xcode getting things set up correctly.

Dear Steve

I think that the transition is going to be a non-issue. In fact, I think we're going to be ready for shipping Intel hardware as soon as you can have them ready. Push onward. We'll be ready. Let's get on with it.


Universe Is Star Of This Show

Starry Night Middle School excels at all teaching levels for the self-directed student, home-schooler or amateur stargazer.


Rumor Today: Microsoft Going To Ship Millions Of Headphones Per Month

Either Microsoft is expecting to sell millions of Xbox 360 per month, or the Redmond company is going into digital music/video player hardware market.

Good bye, Creative.

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