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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


iPod Shuffle Share falls — Flash Market Reels

"Weaker than expected sales of Apple's iPod shuffle has market sources wondering what Samsung Electronics will do with the large proportion of flash capacity it has allotted for Apple."

Walkman iPod Mod

Someone called Nickee went to great lengths to convert an old Walkman into a camouflage case for his pricey iPod photo.

New .Mac SDK Exposed

Use Spotlight To Search For Creative Commons Files

The plugin will in effect 'open' Spotlight's 'eyes' to the Creative Commons files floating around on your OS X machine and any Spotlight indexable drives nearby.


Macs Will Be From Apple

Just because an operating system runs on the same chips as another, doesn't mean the operating systems are necessarily interchangeable.

Name that Tune

What can you do if the iTunes Music Store does not have the selection you're looking for?


EyeTV Wonder USB 2.0: TV Viewing And Recording Device Is Still A Work In Progress

If you want to record TV, we don't recommend this product. Unless you have a dual-processor Power Mac G5, you can't get the full recording quality you would want out of the unit.

StickyBrain 3.4: Fast And Easy-To-Use Information Manager Puts Data At Your Fingertips

StickyBrain 3.4 may be the ideal freeform information manager, especially if you need something that excels at capturing information from other applications and putting it at your fingertips.

Shake 3.5: Compositing Program Provides Fine Control, Difficult Learning Curve

Shake is well worth its price — and for projects that utilize high-dynamic-range elements, it's a must-havve — but before you buy, be sure you can budget in some training, in the form of either books or classes.


Luxor is the kind of game that you can noodle with for hours between meetings, at lunch, or with the iBook or PowerBook in your lap resting in the living room.

MAKE eBooks For Your iPod Guide!


Dear Readers... I'm Sick

No, I'm not sick of running this little show here... I'm really sick. The doctor said he sense the beginning of a beautiful relationship between me and my flu.

I have been lying in bed for almost the entire day today, alternating between sleeping, taking medicine, and "playing around with my computer" as my wife would say. But, if you see anything non-cohesive coming out from my mouth here on this web site, you know it's the fever speaking, not me. :-)


Microsoft Looks To Build Up The Windows Community

'the Hive' is Microsoft's attempt to bring some of the community impetus it has generated with Channel 9, The Spoke and other developer-focused efforts to the consumer space.

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