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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Adobe Celebrates Recrod Revenue

Adobe has reported record revenue for its second quarter 2005 and seen earnings jump 37 per cent.

Hacking Your Car Stereo

iPod enthusiast Matt Gilbert has thrown together a nice, cost-efficient hack to get the iPod running directly to a car stereo without having an auxiliary input.

All iPods In One Basket

This is the first iPod shop in Paris.

Fashion Accessory For iPod Heads

iPod Shuffle Mods A Hit Online

Pimping your shuffle.


Dashboard Dilemma

Dell And Mac OS X

It's hard to ever imagine Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Michael Dell all huggy and friendly on stage the way Sun's Scott McNealy and Microsoft's Steve Ballmer have been.

iTunes Feature Wish: Podcast This Artist

I guarantee I'll buy more music if my iTunes library suddenly becomes a tool to help me with new music discovery.

Apple And Nokia: Who Approached Who?

What if it was actually Apple who approached Nokia about creating a new web browser based on their Safari OSS technology?


Syncing iTunes

Exporting Keynote 2 To PowerPoint


Can You Still Call This Thing A Pizza?

I thought it is already quite bad to have a curry chicken pizza at the local Pizza Hut here in Singapore, but to have a pizza filled with condensed milk over in Hong Kong?

Rumor Today: Big iTunes (Podcast Edition) Launch Coming Ahead

AppleInsider: iTunes 4.9 is reportedly nearing the final stages of development — about three weeks ahead of schedule. [Apple] now plans to unveil the software at the end of June or by the first weekof July.

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