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Friday, June 24, 2005


iPod Geeks Take Over DJ Duties

iMac And Mini 'First Intel Macs'

Given that Mac OS X is a 64-bit operating system and Intel hasn't yet announced a 64-bit mobile chip, Apple will probably make desktops such as the iMac and the Mac mini the first recipients of Intel archiecture, says IDC.

Apple 'Big Winner' In May Retail PC Sales

iH5 Alarm Clock With iPod Dock


What's Wrong With .Mac And How To Fix It

Cool features, good implementation but for $100 it's just not worth it.

Is Elizabeth A Dancing Queen? Everyone Wants To Know What QEII Has On Her Brand-New iPod

Afer all, Elizabeth has been around. She's lived through Elvis and Sinatra, the Beatles and the Stones, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet. She was there when they invented rock 'n' roll, skiffle and swing. Disco? There are rumors of pictures floating around involving her.

The Trouble With Macs And Media Card Readers

Thoroughly check the compatibility between your Compact Flash card reader and your Mac before you go on vacation.

In Defense Of DRM

Is DRM really that bad?

What's Next For The iPod?

Apple needs to reinvent its crown jewel.

Podcasting And The Price Of Fame

Bandwidth ain't free.

Is This Guy Living At The Apple Store?


Lost In The

When I deleted my "old" accounts I also deleted all e-mail sent and received through those.

Dashboard Widgets Rock!

Many of them are completely useless, but tons of fun. But there are a few that I've quickly found to be indispensible.


Tribal Trouble

It is a lot of fun, the resource management is right at the level that I like it, and the action is impressive.

Tiger's "Half-Baked" RAW Handling

"When you edit a Raw image in iPhoto, you're actually just editing the JPEG version... Thus, each edit you make will likely impact the overall quality of the finished product."


Dear Developers And Web Site Designers...

Remember, your UI is important. Don't change for the sake of changing. Only change your UI when the new one is extremely significantly better than the old one.

Remember Word 6? Or, witness the BBC.

Steve Jobs: Fashion Leader?

The attention has shifted from Steve Jobs' neck to his feets. His New Balance 991 sneakers, to be precise.

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