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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Apple Twewaks Executive Compensation

Apple has tweaked the way it awards shares to executives in order to satisfy tax obligations.

Macs 'Much Safer' Online Than Windows, Report Confirms

Macs are much safer online machines than Windows PCs, Consumer Reports confirms.

Dave Matthews Band Addresses iTunes Concern

Apple Releases Security Update 2005-07

Piper Jaffray Selects Apple Computer As Top Large Cap Pick


Does Tiger's Burn Folder Char Toast?

A Letter To My Brother

I do think you should buy a Mac. Here's why.

That Ol' Consistency Black Magic

Mac OS X is still leagues beyond any other operating system available in the design and consistency department, but with every release of Mac OS X teeny gaps have started to appear in Apple's, er, armor.


Mighty Mouse Not A Strong Contender

Burning Monkey Solitaire 2005

DeepTrouble 2

Its gameplay is seriously flawed due to its slow and predictable (in other words, boring) nature.

Apple's New 12" iBook Blurs Product Line

iBook G4 and Mac Mini: Minor Update, Major Value

Value is the key as Apple adds feature, lowers prices on iBook G4s and Mac minis.


Geologists Continue To Puzzle Over A Lack of Cooling Of The Earth's Core

I really wasn't expecting this particular punchline while reading today's Foxtrot... :-)


Forecast Cloudy For Windows Vista

What we found were a lot of attractive graphical interfaces and new search-engine functions, but, so far, not too much in the way of productivity or security enhancements.

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