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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Thief Brings Apple Retailer's Stolen iPod Into Store

One iPod thief has been caught red handed, and red faced, by staff at Apple retailer KRCS.

Gizmo Project Hits 1.0

If I had to name my favorite VoIP client I would have to give the nod to Project Gizmo.

Cobb County School Superintendent Resigns

Cobb County's "Power to Learn" initiative once promised to be the largest "one-to-one" iBook initiative ever.

Apple China Shuffles Management Amid Slow iPod Sales

According to reports in Chinese media outlets, besides the iPod, sales of other Apple products have also gone from bad to worse in China, even though the company has set up many exclusive stores in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

Apple Job Listings Provide Product Hints

Apple EOL'ing The Wired Mouse

18th Annual reader Satisfaction Survey: Desktops & Notebooks

Onc eagain, Apple achieves scores that are far and away the highest for all vendors in our survey, earning Readers' Choices in both desktops and notebooks.


Virtual Folders And Other Confusion

The Virtual Folders [in Windows Vista] feature could easily cause people to accidentally erase or overlook important files. And the Smart Folders feature in Mac OS X is only slightly less confusing and just as dangeorous.

A First Pass At Podcasting Guidelines

Apple Is On The Hunt For A New Handwriting Recognition Engineer; Tablet Mac In The Works?

Google's Windows-Only World

If the Googleplexniks are serious about the phrase "the world's information," they need to look beyond the realm of Windows. The world doesn't stop where the 'Start" menu ends.


With A Speaker Kit, MyPod Can Be Louder Than YourPod

Tagging Your Mail With MailTags

You can really turn Mail into a clever email management machine, incorporating some of the sorting and management tools that have until now only been seen in big-name apps like Microsoft Entourage.


Ten Years Ago...


Things Aren't Going Too Well In The Leong's Household

Some (rare) updates on my personal life...

My left ear got infected, and am now having to put medicine into my ear and take regular antibiotics pills. Oh, and the ear doctor said that my ear canal is smaller than norm.

My wife had a stomach infection, and vomitted all over our bedroom the other midnight. She is now recovering, So far today, she's fine.

And my daughter has a persisting cough.

Health — you'll really only appreciate good health during the lack of one.

Why Rent Music? Just Subscribe...

... to The Shuffle podcast here at Fresh tunes (and other random stuff) in your iPod almost every day. :-)

Rumor Today: We May Finally Have An iTunes Phone

Sept 7 is the latest date, as rumormongered by AppleInsider.

Will Sept 8 bring us another round of articles saying, "Or maybe not"?

iTunes Takes Potter Podcasts Off-Air

As reported by The Leaky Cauldron, Apple has remoted MuggleCast and PotterCast from the podcast directory.


Windows 95 Turns 10

It may be hard to imagine now, but people waited in line — for hours — to plunk down $90 for a copy of Windows 95 back on Aug 24, 1995.

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