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Thursday, September 1, 2005


An iPod Casualty: The Rio Digital-Music Player

The damage to Apple's competitors is growing and has claimed the brand behind the industry's first hit product: Rio.

iTunes Phone Raises Questions About iPod's Future

The possibility that Jobs will throw his weight behind an iTunes phone begs the question of what he sees as the future of stand-alone digital music players such as the iPod, Apple's current cash cow.

iPod: The Obsession

Apple's Other Trojan Horses

In iPod, iTunes, and iLife, Apple has surrounded itself with strong products, which it hopes will soon lead to consumers buying more Macs.

Brakes Slammed On Mac Mini Test Drive Program

Analysts: Apple Suit Won't Pay Off Big

Chizen On Apple: 'MacTel' Switch Not Easy

"Steve (Jobs) likes to trivialize the process and make it seem easy, but moving the apps over is not that easy... Getting over to MacTel is work. I think in the long run it's going to be great because what the users will get is better performance... and greater value.


Did The Mac Make Me?

Since becoming a Mac owner, not only have I been more productive in my creative pursuits and the creativity has seemed to flow more but I have more recognition from the things I've done.

The Amazing Mind-Reading iPod

This morning, I almost fell over in shock when Dante, my attention-seeking iPod (like its namesake), correctly guessed my thoughts three times.

A Small Suggestion For The Mini

The mini misses on the very thing that Apple is good at — the total satisfying experience.

Patent Award Isn't Enough; Creative Must Be More 'Creative'

Instead of being happy with having "beaten" Apple on winning the United States patent, Creative should come up with more "Creative" ideas and marketing plans.

It Wasn't A Test Drive Anyway

THis was nothing more than a glorified return policy — and a shady one at that.

Creative Labs' Bait And Switch

Creative Claims

This is so obviously an attempt to steal some of Apple's thunder, I'm a little bit surprised Creative executives didn't just wait another week and show up during Steve Jobs' presentation next Wednesday.


Apple's New 14-In. iBook; Mostly iLike

While the iBook is indeed a nice little entry-level laptop, I seem to have finally moved into the PowerBook camp.


Why Did HP Stopped Selling iPods?

Mark Hurd, the new CEO: Is the market worth leading? Maybe it is. But can we lead it, with no or very little technology differentiation? Doubtful. You have to go into places where you can lead.

I think Steve Jobs and Mark Hurd can be very buddy-buddy.

In This Age Of The Blogs...

Micro Persuation: Maybe CNET needs to revisit their tagline "Tech News First." Really, no one can legitimately make that clai that anymore.

Podcatchers, Start Your Engine...

'cause dozens of new podcasts are up and running over at NPR.

Too bad there are no full programs — Talk of the Nation, Wait Wait, etc — at all. Hopefully, something can be worked out between NPR and the stations on the best way to podcast all these programs.

Hi Grandma! We're fine!

From Hurricane Katrina Refugee.

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