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Saturday, September 3, 2005


Apple Intel Fan Club Starts

EFF Translates iTunes Music Store Rules

Take a good look at the Terms of Sale and the Terms of Service at the iTunes Music Store before you buy.

iPods Are Becoming Popular Workplace Accessory

The popular digital music player's distinctive white earphones are becoming a more familiar sight at the office.

Apple's iPod To Set European Mobiles Ringing

European mobile phone operators are jumping on the iPod bandwagon and hope to secure deals that will give them access to a wealth of hot tracks from Apple's famed iTunes music store.

Podcasting Favors The Cultured

Podcast fans are a cut above, preferring the less-nasal-than-before tones of Melvyn Bragg to the brash early morning musings of Chris Moyles and 'Comedy' Dave.

LeCain Exposes Himself Via iTunes

Apple continues to change the music ecosystem, opening up channels for new artists to promote and distribute their music via iTunes.

Michael Barmada: Apple SAN Solution Meets Massive Storage Needs

Dr. Michael Barmada at the University of Pittsburgh uses an Xserve G5 cluster to crack the mysteries of inherited diseases.

New iTrip Hits the Road


Xserve A Little Less

I tend to be in the camp where I don't entirely feel Apple's kit is up to snuff in regards to being solid hardware to base mission critical internet applications on top of.

Switch To MacTel: Easy Or Not?

The short answer is: "That depends on your code now."

iTunes Proves Its Metal


The Mac's True Colors

Creative users of the Mac platform need to ensure their work is color-calibrated. Mac OS X can help, but what other tools and techniques can help make sure your work is color accurate?

Build A Better Safari

You can get bug fixes and new features long before they're released as part of a normal software update.


Look Ma, No Wires

For as long as there was Apple, there were rumors. Some rumors were accurate, while some were obviously going with the trend, but didn't turn out to be true until much later.

For example, back in 1991, David Tebbutt heard that "future Apple notebook will have a wireless communication capability." And as we all know, it only took a couple of years (and one Steve Jobs) to bring WiFi to the masses.

Rumor Today: iPod Phone Details From Think Secret

256MB and 512MB. Sync with your computer. And you can buy tunes from Cingular too. At $2 a pop.

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