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Wednesday, September 7, 2005


Apple Dominates Download Market In UK

Apple has announced that its iTunes Music Store in the UK has become the number one store dominating a massive 80 percent of the market place according to the Official Charts Company.

Mr Jobs' Modus Operandi: Heap On THe Suspense

Few companies know how to ratchet up anticipation like Apple.

iPod, Play Hebrew For Me

Last month, Yinon Yamin, a 26-year-old student at Ben-Gurion Univeristy, managed to create an elegant solution to a problem that disturbs thousands of Hebrew speakers who purchased Apple's popular iPod digital MP3 audio player.

An Apple For The Student

Some schools are handing out laptops to every student, giving a boost to Apple.

Creative Go After iPod Shuffle Owners With New Speaker Systems

Descent 2 Updated For OS X — And Free!

It loooks like an open source team somehow got ahold of the sourc and has been chugging away at getting it to work across platforms.


Nothing Says "A Geek Lives Here" Quite Like This

Now that you're living the G5 life (not to mention that "not so subtle" turquoise color completely clashes with your new brushed silver) here's the perfect solution for geeking up your front porch: The Mac G4 flower box.

Random Giants


What Is Automator (And Can It Make Your Life Easier)

Let's take a closer look at Automator and see if it can really change the way we do our daily work.

Using iPods In A Cross-Platform Environment

Tiger Secrets: Spotlight

7 secret strategies for sleuthing lost files.


What's New?

"1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again."

Let's hope it is wireless, has more space tha a nomad, and not lame.


I will probably be sleeping when Steve Jobs unveils the new product or products — it is 1 a.m. here in Singapore when it is 10 a.m. over at San Francisco. So, check out the other sites, and we'll have a summary later.

Mac OS X Public Beta In Two Weeks

The Register: Steve Jobs astonished the Mac faithful... by announcing Mac OS X for Intel hardware. Jobs did announce that the Mac OS X beta would be sent out on 13 September...

And that's what you'll see if you didn't RTFArticle. But somehow, this article from 7th September 2000 landed in my RSS reader today. Maybe there's something out there that we don't understand, but Steve Jobs is already planning? :-)

Even When Photoshopped

Sometimes, a photo can still tell a thousand words, even if the words are, well, speechless.

Fish Head Curry

Many Singaporeans will probably name this as one of Singapore's national dish: the fish head curry.


Beep Beep

Remember WIly Coyote? He's the Roadrunner's nemesis, chasing him out off the cliff's edge. Then there's that exquisite moment where he stands on thin air, about to realize he's got nothing. That's Microsoft, folks.

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