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Saturday, September 10, 2005


ImaginAsian TV: All Asian-American, All The Time

"The overwhelming advantages of using Macs — for example, samller storage space requirement, shallower learning curve, easer networkability and less maintenance — put the decision to go with Macs for our entire production department."

Michael Elins: Renaissance Man

"I think of the Mac as a historical hub — a place where many centuries of pictorial art, 150 years of photography, plus more recent tools like 3D modeling and motion imaging, can all frolic together. And that's an entirely radical innovation — as radical as the printing press was in its time."

Apple's Nano Says No To FireWire

Support for FireWire in the iPod, already waning, takes a further blow with Apple's newest music player.

Mobile Makers: No Immediate Plans For iTunes Integration

None of the manufacturers Playlist spoke with following the ROKR's release had any immediate plans to add iTunes compatibility, due largely to Apple's digital rights management technology, which must be licensed from Apple.


technological Season Of Simple

Steve Jobs To Studios: I Got The Power!

The real message was directed at his current and potential suppliers, partners, and competitors: I buried the competition.

Steve Jobs' Tiny But Sure Bet

With no iPod mini to dilute its impact, Apple's new nano is poised to become the company's next best seller — and rivals' biggest headache.

A Hug To Thugs

The nano, by introducing a screen lock feature, will finally make it easier for people to store information on their iPods and, by so doing, will make them tremendously more useful to a large audience.

IPod Na... No FireWire?!

It's not about FireWire. It's about planned obsolescence.


iTunes 5's Folders And You

The idea behind folders is that you may have masses of playlists that are related.

An Introduction To Tiger Terminal, Part 4

What are shell scripts, and why would you want to create them?

My ROKR Doesn't Rock

I was looking forward to posting my thoughts on actually using the first iTunes enabled phone, but unfortunately, I haven't even been able to get past the first step.

First Nano Thoughts

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005

iPod Nano

A clear color screen, responsive and manageable controls, photo viewing, fast syncing, and impossibly thin. In my view the iPod nano is a nearly perfect fit for the middle of the iPod lineup, sounding great and mixing the best features of the shuffle, mini, and color iPod.


Of Good Ideas And Microsoft

Marc McDonald, first Microsoft employee: You recognize good work when good work is done. And that's one thing you can say about Apple. They don't have our size, they don't have our market, they do a lot of good thinking, though. Give people kudos where it's due. I don't care if it's Microsoft or external, good ideas are good ideas, and it doesn't matter where they come from.

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