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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Podcasting Gold Rush Is On

The podosphere may be virgin terrain for the online world, but already the race is on to figure out whether there's any real money to be made through the new medium.

Apple Responds To iPod Nano Screen Concerns

Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller said there are two completely separate issues going on here. One is the broken screen and the other is the complaint about the iPod screen scratches.

iPod Chief Not Excited About iTunes Phone

In an interview with the German daily Berliner Zeitung on Monday, Apple vice president and iPod division head Jon Rubenstein expressed his feelings on the convergence of music device and cell phones, saying the devices are best left separate.

At Core Of SR Expo: Mac's Tiger OS

Although Apple's iPod sales shot up 569%, computers still half of company's revenue.

Analysts: Apple Making Inroads In Enterprise Market

While Apple is best known for its iPod and Macintosh product lines, IDC analysts say the competition is starting to take interest in what Apple is doing in Enterprise market, as well.


iPods Could Be Dangerous For Jaywalkers

From my personal experience, there is only a slight learning curve required to master the new layout, and a campus full of seasoned jaywalkers such as ourselves should have minimal problems getting the hang of it. So what else is left to blame? How about the doomsday machine you have strapped to your head in the form of trendy white earphones?

More Or Less Than 99 Cents

Jobs has taken his case to the court of public opinion, and he's winning. If the labels choose to negotiate with Jobs in public, they're going to lose.


What Is Darwin (And How It Powers Mac OS X)

Darwin is the Unix-derived core that provides the underlying foundation for Mac OS X.

Toast 7 Titanium: CD- And DVD-Burning Software Features Impressive New Data, Audio, And Video Capabilities

If OS X's built-in burning abilities aren't enough for y ou, you won't find a better burning application than Toast 7.0.1.


Rumor Today: iTunes For Windows Mobile

Is it true? Rumors indicate that Apple is expanding its iPod universe...

Happy Anniversary, Podcast

Rex Hammock: On September 28, 2004, Doc Searls presented an overview of podcasting on his IT Garage weblog in which he included a Google search of the word "podcasts" and came up with 24 results.

One year ago, podcasting is just a curious experimentation for me. Then in November, my wife got me an iPod mini for my birthday. Today, iPod and Podcasting is an essential part of my life.

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