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Friday, September 30, 2005


Apple Confirms Some Mac Minis Have Unlabeled Upgrades

Apple is not re-labeling the Mac Minis — even with last-minute stickers — so buyers have no way of knowing if they are getting what' marked on the box, or if it's something better.

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What If It Wasn't The iTunes Phone That Was Late?

Remember when Apple — and Motorola — seems to be delaying introducing the iTunes phone, "frustrating" all the rumor sites out there who had their predictions squashed time and time again? We all probably assume it was Apple's philosophy at work, where products do not get demonstrated until it is ready for prime time a.k.a. get past Steve Jobs?

What if — and this is just wild speculation from me — Apple was delaying the Motorola iTunes phones because they were waiting for the iPod nano? That would probably explain Motorola's recent outburst.

Of course, even if this was true, Steve Jobs probably wouldn't admit to Motorola. But, if Motorola already have those phones sitting in the warehouse, just waiting for Apple's green light... Hey, screwed me once (Mac clones), shame on me. Scrwed me twice (iPod clones), shame on you.

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