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Wednesday, November 2, 2005


Usenet Search Engine Perps Porn For Video iPod

It may not be quite what Steve Jobs had in mind, but an online search engine called Guba is set to offer vast amounts of pornography and other video files, specifically tailored for Apple's new iPods.

Fans Pop Online To Call The Tunes

The iTunes music store has only been open just over a week but Apple Australia is pleased with the response from local music lovers.

An Apple For The Hi-Tech Teacher

Pupils at an Edinburgh high school are to become the first in Scotland to use the latest must-have gadget, the iPod, in the classroom as part of a gound-breaking project.

Apple's iPod Success Isn't Sweet Music For Record Company Sales

The download numbers suggest that the iPod's iconic success isn't translating into new music sales the way the evolution from vinyl albums to cassettes and then CDs did.

The House That iPod Built

High-end audio makers are scrambling to deliver gear that lets your iPod bring music into every room.

Apple To Sell 37 Million iPods This Year?

Piper Jaffray senior analyst Gene Munster today maintained an "outperform" rating and a $60 price target on Apple, and believes that the company will sell over 37 million iPods by the end of calendar year.

New Safari (Released Version) Now Passes The Acid2 Test


The End Of One Big Text File

Microsoft Media Center Vs Apple FrontRow

Microsoft should have seeded the market with a simpler product. They could have convinced a lot of people to start using their platform, because it was a virgin market they could have simply owned. Microsoft in my opinion, overreached.

The Apple Bubble

Apple: Not A DRM Monopoly Yet, But Behavior Is Monopolistic

By not licensing its technologies to other companies, Apple is disallowing the playback of iTunes purchased music — now the most popular channel for a la carte digital song purchasing — through its competitors' gear. The practice is a classic monopolistic tactic that can result in restraint of trade and foreclosure in competition.

How The Other Half Lives

I'd like to take a couple of moments to reflect on my reflections — some of the lesons I learned when I unplugged from the computer and lived the life of a not-so-handy man.


Tiger's Improved Firewall (And How To Use It)

Control Expose With Your Voice


I Want My BBC PodTV

Independent: In Britain the BBC is planning a... service by making most of its programming available on platforms like the video iPod for seven days after it has been broadcast.

The price: free. The catch? It's probably going to be limited to UK residents only.

Can You Perform Under Pressure?

As discoverd by Trash Talk, you do have to watch out for the ladies when visiting a certain loo...


Gates: We're Entering 'Live Era' Of Software

Kicking off what he called the "live era" of software, Bill Gates said on Tuesday that Micrsoft plans to launch new internet-based complements to its core products of Windows and Office.

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