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Wednesday, November 9, 2005


iPod Marketing Exposed

The chances are that during the next 12 months you or your children or someone in your family will want to purchase an Apple iPod, an iPod accessory or a Mac computer.

Apple To Open Retail Store In Brea, CA On Nov 12th

New Motorola Razr Phone Features iTunes

A new version of Motorola's popular wide-bodied but slim cell phone, the Razr V3i features an "updated and streamlined" design, according to the company.

Networks Consider iTunes To Sell Video

Apple Aims To Protect Rosetta Mark

Apple has applied for a trademark for Rosetta, the translation technology that will act as a bridge as Apple moves to Intel chips beginning next year.

Another QuickTime Flaw Found

Less than three weeks after Apple issued an update to patch four security flaws in its QuickTime media player, a new "critical" problem has been discovered.

RadioShack To Sell iPods, Becomes Authorized Apple Reseller


The Story Of Shufflicious - Making An iPod Case To Sell

This is the story of one man's simple crusade to produce an iPod case that isn't a glorified condom, in the face of adversity from having no idea how to do it, erratic manufacturers and suppliers, and all under the knowledge that ultimately you are at the mercy of Uncle Steve Jobs and his iPod massive.

Tradeoffs In Video Downloads

Several media outlets have compared Comcast $1 fee to the $2 price at iTunes, but practically no one has mentioned that you actually get to keep the videos you download from iTunes.

Gates, Jobs & The Zen Aesthetic

"Visual-Zen Master," Steve Jobs, allows the screen to fade completely empty at appropriate, short moments while he tells his story.


Graphire4: New Tablet Features Revamped Design And Great Software

Care Bears Catch A Star

The games are innocuous fun for small kids, but that's about it.


It Doesn't Stand For Anything

Whether you call it AirPort or Wi-Fi, it doesn't really stand for anything. Both are made-up names.


Memos Plot A Course At Microsoft

Microsoft must fundamentally alter its business or face a significant competitive disadvantage from a growing array of companies offering internet services, according to memorandums written by two of the company's top executives.

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