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Monday, November 14, 2005


Apple Upgrades Tech-Support Boards

Seeing Red

"My advice to all who have this experience is to bypass Apple and fix it themselves."


Turn On. Tune In. Take Over.

Viewers, light your torches! The television revolution is at the gates.

Now Portable

I kissed the idea of synced machines goodbye, attempted to ignore the recent money I'd spent on the tower, and decided that I was switching to the Powerbook full time.

Hearing Aid

Those of us with nothing to protect and everything to gain will provide the leadership here, for the simple reasons that 1) we're already doing it; and 2) we're the only ones who can — because we're the only ones working creatively for both supply and demand.

Visiting The Apple Store Brea Mall

Apple scored a good slot in this location.


Making Your Mini Not So Mini

So, there you were, writing your term paper with the bluetooth keyboard on your lap and white earbuds in your ears, when all of a sudden, the music goes silence.

That's right, the iPod's battery has run out of juice. So you grab your USB cable, connects to your iPod, and... well, you can no longer find your Mac mini on your messy table.

Yes, that's right. The mini is so small that it can easily get lost in all your stuff.

So, what's the solution? Maybe you might want a tower for your mini?

Steve Jobs Giving Away Mac OS X

Yes, you've read it right. According to Seymour Papert of MIT, Steve Jobs "offered to provide free copies of the company's operating system, OS X, for the machine," but was turned down because the designers wanted an operating system that is open sourced.

What is this machine? The $100 laptop from MIT's Media Lab. This is going to change the world.


Dell, Seeking Sales Growth, Embraces Style, Luxury

Dell is trying to spice up its image — and turn around lagging sales growth — by shaking Apple's hold on hipness, but it may be tough to match its smaller rival's flair.

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