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Monday, November 21, 2005


Nano, Video Both Likely Winners

'Tis the season when holiday shoppers face choice between iPod nano and video.

Mac OS X For Intel Cracked Again?

Hackers have already managed to crack Mac OS X 10.4.3 for Intel to work on non-Apple computers.

Patent Action Hits Apple

iTunes Seizes 54% UK Online Music Sales

Research from XTN Data declares that iTunes accounts for 54 per cent of UK digital music sales — five times its closest competitor, Napster.

Microsoft Disavows Internet Explorer

Microsoft's MSN site suggests websurfers using Microsoft's Internet Explorer for the Mac switch to another browser.

TiVo To Expand Portable Features

TiVo is expected to announce a service that allows its digital video recorders to save programs to iPods and PlayStation Portables, further untethering television from time and place.

Professor In Your Pocket

Now couse casting lets college student skip classes and download lectures onto their iPods. Biology rocks! But some parents just don't understand.

Harvey Norman Complains To Apple

Harvey Norman has complained to Apple that they have not been allocated enough iPod stock to meet the expected Christmas rush.


The Ringtone Riddle

How ringtones' success has led labels to verge of a misstep on music pricing.

Mac OS X On Intel: Could It Knock Off Windows & Office?

In the age of commodity hardware, Apple can adapt and win big.

iPod Exposes Lame Japanese Competitors

Not just Sony, but all the Japanese manufacturers have been caught flat-footed by the sudden explosion in music players and online entertainment.


DRM: Dead?

It is probably wishful thinking that all DRMs will be dead following Sony's fiasco, but Coy Doctorow is reporting that the artists are revoking.


New Xbox Goes On Sale At Midnight. Good Luck.

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