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Thursday, November 24, 2005


iTunes Doubles Japanese Music Downloads

The launch of iTunes Music Store in Japan helped more than double the number of songs purchased online during the third quarter of the year compared to the previous quarter, according to figures released by the Recording Industry Association of Japan today.

A Novel Repair Concept: Replace Battery Not The iPod

The Sonnet kits, which cost $30 to $40 depending on the iPod model, include tools to open the iPod's case and remove the original battery.


Keyboard Vs Mouse

Of course, there are certain tasks when a mouse or other input device is easier, but for a lot of geeks, myself included, the keyboard is usually the way to go.

Microsoft Moots 'Universal' MP3 Player Dock

The Consumer Electronics Association has established a working group to develop a universal docking standard for portable devices. Apple's best option — 'least-worse' might be better — would be to co-opt the standards process by proposing its existing iPod dock specification as the de facto standard. That way, at least, it's not going to have to spend years ignoring the growing support for the rival specification, only to have to cave in to market forces and support it anyway.

Dear Switchers

It feels odd using this machine — something you can rely on, something you can depend on all the time at home — here at wok, but as soon as you're logged in you can dive into your work as never before.

The Seduction Of The Apple Computer

I get that ovely feeling every time I turn my Powerbook on. It meets me on so many levels. It assumes I am intelligent and it responds with style and grace. It gives me room to create, and keeps the technocratic garbage out. It clearly identifies a problem and gives a solution.

Apple Instant-On Computers? I Don't Think So, But...

I'm betting on a new Intel-based Powerbook without any hard disk, just flash memory.

The Mini Stays In The Picture

If you want the very best iPod, and one that comes in a small package to boot, then there's only one model that you need to get your hands on — the second-generation iPod-mini. Preferably, the green one.


The iPod: All Decked Out

iPod Scratch Protection

For keeping your iPod scratch-free without hiding it in a case, your best bet is one of the many "film" or "shield" products. My favorites are Power Support's $15 iPod nano Film Set and 5G iPod (with video) Film Set.


Pop Quiz

What does the new Xbox 360 and my iPod mini have in common?

They can both crash.

Didn't They Have Lots Of Power Mac G5s?

Reports are out: Your Xbox 360 may be crashing because of overheating.

Didn't the Microsoft folks used Power Mac G5 as their development machine? Just open the thing up and see how Apple cooled the machine. :-)

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