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Saturday, December 3, 2005


Paul Sutherland: Diving Right In

"My PowerBook has become my nerve center, a critical piece of equipment I couldn't work without."

Blumpy: A Logical Way To Musical Freedom

"Using my G5 and Logic is a much smarter way of working. I can make it sould like I'm working with $3 million of gear and compete with the guys who havve the big consoles."

Apple Announces 100 Million iTunes Download Prize In Europe


Club 21's iShop

It took Club 21 more than three years' work before the opening of the iShop and on first impression, those efforts were not in vain. The opening also showed the increasing demand for Apple products in Singapore.

Native-Looking Widgets In Flash

You shouldn't make something look like a native oS widget if it isn't going to be have in the same way.

Inside The Mind Of A Mac Newbie


Latest iMac Offers Remote Control

Front Row is less functional than a Windows Media Center PC. But, at the same time, the new imac bundle excels at what it can do.

Firefox 1.5

Firefox is mature, fast, stable, and very extensible. It's nice to see such notable improvements in this.

Evolution TV: USB 2.0 TV-Recording Device Has Great Video Ability, But Software Is Still Evolving


Living In A Sic-Colored World

You know what, some of us still haven't let go of the idea that Apple's logo has changed to a single color one... so we bring it back to the Powerbook.

Well, it's actually Jim Younkin's PowerBook. "This most likely voids your warranty."

The Other Mac Tradition: Fishes!

From old Mac classics to the Cube, people have been turning htem into aquarims for ages.

The latest flat-panel iMac may prove to be a bit more challenging, though...

Rumor Today: More "Content" Goodies

Think Secret: Apple is planning to unveil a robust new content distribution system in January... Content purchased will be automatically made available on a user's iDisk, which Front Row 2.0 will tap into.


Microsoft Vista OS Appears Behind Schedule

Partners confused at opposing info news.

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