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Wednesday, December 7, 2005


iPod Jacking: A True Love Story

iPod jacking is when two strangers swap headphone jacks to sample each other's music.

iPod Museum

The coolest thing about the San Jose Museum of Art's new exhibition had nothing to do with the art. It had everything to do with the iPod.

iPods Increasingly Incorporated In College Classrooms

Apple's Video iPod Seen Lifting 1Q Profit

Apple shares rose in permarket activity Tuesday after a Wall Street analyst said the technology giant should cash in during the holiday season as it peddles video iPods to consumers.

Apple To Open Sheffield This Saturday

Apple has confirmed it will open its latest UK Applestore this weekend, in Sheffield's Meadowhall Centre.

No MW Debut For Intel Macs?

DigiTimes reports "sources" in Taiwan who say the new Intel-powered Macs will debut as iBook, iMacs and Mac minis — but not until June 6.

Podcast Is 2005 Word Of The Year

The word was chosen by New Oxford American Dictionary based on its phenomenal rapid growth in 2005, which saw it grow from relative obscurity to one of the hottest trends in media.


Buy, Play, Trade, Repeat

This technoogical disaster aside, Sony BMG and the other major labels need to face reality: copy-protection software is bad for everyone, consumers, musicians and labels alike. It's much better to have copies of albums on lots of iPods, even if only half of them have been paid for, than to have a few CD's sitting on a shelf and not being played.

iTunes Gets More TV

The lesson here is this: Start with some popular content and prove the business model. Once the money starts flowing, the rest of the content will follow.

The Highs And Lows Of iTunes Videos

Beyond price, what's the advantage or disadvantage of procuring old television shows the new-fangled way? Let's take a look.

Where's Apple?

Like probably 80% of the samll to medium sized business out there, my friend had no idea that the Mac could actually be used in a "real" business sense and not just for making pretty pictures or storing your iPod's music. Where's Apple telling him, and other companies like his, that this "old-school Mac image" just isn't true?


Dissecting A Dashboard Virtual Earth Widget

Apple's Latest iMac A Winner


Thank You, Microsoft

As discovered by Chris Pirillo, when you search for start something windows commercial in Google, the first result actually goes to Apple's Switch campaign.

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