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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Apple Starting To Shine For Intel

The possible emergence of a hot new market segment next year — such as Intel-powered Apple computers with mass-market appeal — would provide a much-needed growth outlet.

Jeremy Harty & Barrie Dunn: The Making Of "Trailer Park Boys"

"With Apple, there's a seamless integration of hardware and software. We've never had a moment where we've been down and lost, you know, four days worth of work."

Ooligan Press: Where The Students Run The Show

"The Mac is critical to our workflow, because in the publishing industry — whether you're dealling with authors, designers, printers or whoever — the expectation is that you'll deliver the product from your Mac platform to their Mac platform."


Apple: It's Never Too Late

From Apple's perspective Sun offers a trap free environment with a hot processor strategy, access to big data center accounts, the best operating system around, and thousands of enthusiastic developers salivating at the thought of getting their stuff on Mac OS X.


New Palm TX Forced Me To Address Mac Sync Options

For Mac users, the Palm platform is no longer as simple as it used to be.

Tip: Getting Back To Where You Left Off In iTunes


Apple: Told You So!

Colin Campbell: Microsoft says Xbox 360 shortages are strictly down to a shortage of chips.

Pod Pod Pod Pod Pod Pod Pod Pod Pod Pod Pod Pod

The first guy to write a headline with the words "iPod" and "You Pod" and "Everybody Pod Pod"? Cute.

The nth guy who does that? Not so cute.

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