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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Music Downloads Stall As Apple Counts On Vouchers As Revnues Ticket

Apple is hoping that 'off the charts' sales of iTunes Music Store vouchers will rejuvenate digital music sales after Nielsen SoundScan reported a fall in average weekly downloads.

iPod Dominates US Search Terms

iPods will be under Christmas trees worldwide this season, new web statistics suggest.

Apple iPod: The New Public Access?

While Apple seems focused on making mainstream "repurposed" broadcast network programming its focus, it's the independent producers who really seem keen on the idea of taking advantage of the platform.

What We Learned From 'Cost Plus 5 Percent'

It turns out that CompUSA apparently makes a pittance on Apple (and other) hardware.

Video Podcasts

Accessories For iPod: To The Tune Of $300m

The iPod accessories market has become a powerhouse in its own right, to the tune of more than $300 million annually.

Steve Jobs Gets BusinessWeek Cover — Again

Yet Another MP3 Player Bites The Dust

Thomson is to sell the last of its consumer electronics assets by June 2006, in order to focus on providing media industry services.

RIP, iPod Mini? No Way, Fans Say

Even though Apple discontinued the iPod mini in September and replaced it with the nano, some consumers have been reluctant to take the mini off their gift lists — and they're willing to pay top dollar to nab one.


Apple's Next Move

If Steve Jobs can make the iPod an entertainment hub, Apple will be the company to beat, a feat it could never accomplish with personal computers.

Apple May be Holding Back The Music Biz

Learning To Live With Thunderbird

Mail's continui9ng inabiility to work fast was just annoying; but last week, when it decided to stop displayin threaded messages in a logical manner, I lost my temper very quickly.


And iPods Were Snug In Their Cases...

It's now raining cases.

Getting Video Into The iPod Video

Mathematica CalcCenter 3: Easy-But-Powerful Math Software

You've Got (Specific) Mail...


Rumor Today: Here Comes The Intel Chime

AppleInsider: Sources say prototypes of the first Intel Macs currently sport an unfamiliar boot chime, suggesting that Apple is at least toying with the idea making the change.

Maybe, just maybe, the chime will include a watermark to trace who leaked the Intel Mac OS? :-)

Rumor Today: AppleXnet's Early Look At MWSF Floor Plan

AppleXnet: We've been sitting on this PDF we "found" for a little while now...

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