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Saturday, December 17, 2005

News 1GB iPod Shuffle 'Unavailable, Sold Out For Holiday, Expected Availability Mid-January'

Music School To Begin Using PowerBooks

Oklahoma City Unversity has become an Apple Digital Campus, embracing the Windows computing alternative with a pilot program in its Wanda L. Bass School of Music.

How Much Money Lies In Downloads?

Nielsen Entertainment Research reports that music labels keep about 34 cents from each 99-cent music track sold through a-la-carte music services.

Analyst Raises AAPL Target To $90

Morgan Stanley Predicts Apple Mobile Phone

David Phipps: PowerBook As Live Instrument

"Right now, everyone on the stage except the drummer has a PowerBook. They have really become live instruments for us, a way to do new things and improvise in ways we never thought possible before."

Kevin Rhoades & Digital Arts: Capturing Bluephoria

"The beauty of Final Cut Pro is that, as you're editing, you're looking at 12 HD clips running simultaneously and you're editing live, physically, in HD."

Belkin Says iPod Accessory Lawsuit 'Has No Merit'

Netalog claims that Belkin is infringing Netalog's patent for an "FM transmitter and power supply/charging assembly for MP3 player."

Technology Strikes A Chord In Music Education

Electronic music software allows teachers to take music education to a whole new level of interactivity. These programs are opening new possibilities for music educators and transforming music education at all levels of schooling, making instruction more hands-on and targeted to individual students' needs.

Some PowerBook Customers Unhappy With New Screen

Some Apple users are complaining that, although the new 15-inch PowerBook packs in more pixels, the screen also displays unwanted horizontal lines.


Will Apple Push "Intel Inside"?

It sure is hard to image Apple putting the chipmaker's ubiquitous logo on their gleaming machines — or in their ads.

If Apple Buys Adobe, Is The Operating System Market Up For Grabs?


A Look At Keychair Access (And Why You Should Care)

All About Broadband Tuner

Let's make one thing clear about Broadband Tuner 1.0, the uitility released by Apple in late November: it's for people with broad band connections.


Rumor Today: Apple Axes 'iRingTones' Project

The Register: Apple has canned a software project that would have seen Apple move into the ringtone retail business in direct confrontation with cellular carriers.

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