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Monday, December 19, 2005


New Media WIl Get Emmy Of Their Own

Daytime awards adds a category for podcasts, video blogs, even original content created for cellphones.

Apple Will Rule The Notebook Roost: Study

Among all brand-name notebook-computer makers, Apple is set to take center stage next year, mainly bolstered by its new light-weight models as well ashte iPod effect, a recent study found.

DJs Change Their Tune On Computers

Built with the consumer in mind, iPods lack the sophisticated cuing, beat-matching and mixing functions that are standard on DJ gear. But their portability and tie-ins with online music stores have captured the imagination of many devotees who see the potential for the gadget to be a DJ tool.

End Near For Mac Version Of IE

Microsoft will cease support for the Mac version of Internet Explorer from December 31 and stop development of the program, the company says on its website. No further security or enhancement updates will be provided.

Apple Finds New Digs

Apple net-leased the entire 30,000-foot five-story building opposite the Empire State Building.


The Story Of The Lost Finder

The Finder as it is has to appeal to the geekiest of users as well as to the least advanced, which gives it an impossible task, the one to please everyone. In that, it is necessarily stuck in a middle point that remains very hard to navigate.

Apple Shoud Plant A Palm In Its Garden

There's one easy step Jobs could take right now that would take advantage of his saring share price to open up whole new fields of growth. Buy Palm.



Rights And Responsibility Of An Internet Citizen

Phil Jones: I'm inclined to think that people who complain about wikipedia but don't correct the mistakes they find are a bit like people who complain about government but don't vote. Wikipedia gives you rights and responsibilities. The two go together.

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