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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


HP To Drop iTunes In PCs In 2006?

HP is preparing to reengage in the digital music market, following the termination of its exclusive deal with Apple to distribute HP-branded iPods.

Apple Bigwig Makes $33 Million

It looks like it has been a good year for Apple's chief software technology officer, Avadis Tevanian. He has just pocketed more than $33 million by twice exercising options to buy and then flog 300,000 shares of Apple stock.

Students Plug Into iLectures

There's no such thing as a missed lecture for University of Michigan dentistry students, who are transforming their personal iPods into the latest college learning tool.

Greene County To Get New Macs

The Info-Mac Network Retires

To all godo things there must come an end, and it is with some sadness that I officially retire the Info-Mac Network.

iPod Overseas Report: Singapore

Eh? iPod Earbuds Can Cause Hearing Loss

Earbud headphones, the type that rest inside the ear, can lead to permanent damage after just an hour of high-volume music in the 110- to 120-decibel range, equivalent to the noise level of a concert.


End Of An Era: Mac Internet Explorer

Four years of my life were dedicated to this product and others based on it. Those four years in the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft were incredible, and I learned many important lessons and made some great lifelong friends.

Don't Ask Me No Questions

More and more I'm getting the feeling that whoever is writing technical docs for Apple either doesn't think anyone is watching, is bored and amusing themselves in the outlet they have, or just knows I'm reading them.

Taken To A New Place, By A TV In The Palm

Much was made of how silly it was for Apple to believe people would watch television on a 2.5-inch screen. But consumers have downloaded three million video programs from iTunes since the new video iPod became available in October. What gives?

The Reasons Why Apple Is Better

The thing that makes Apple better is not the design, OS, or a mouse button less, it is not playing the same rules that govern PCs. It is more a willingness to do the right thing, not the cheap thing. Because Apple doesn't play, it wins, and that really is the better way.

The End Of Explorer

So the model for browser development shapes like this; Either pick a platform and stick with it or embrace open-source.


Putting The Power Of iMovie To Work

Return Of Control Strip

10 Apps Every New Mac User Should Download

Getting Things Done With The Finder

Smarter iPhoto Archives


Merry Christmas

Linda Levine:At Loehmann's, a young child was acting up, to the dismay of her mother, who could not quiet her down. Finally, the mother took out her cellphone and "made a call." "Yes, Santa, I'll tell her what you said." That did the trick.


Microsoft Eats iPods?

Just as Apple managed to use the halo effect of iPod's success to win back market share in its once-fading personal computer business, the rumored scuttlebutt indicates that Microsoft is hoping for a halo effect with its Xbox 360 to enter other consumer electronics markets.

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