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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Apple, Intel Cooking Up PC/TV Connection Standard

Apple and Intel are spearheading work to develop a new standard to get video from computers to HD televisions and PC displays.

NeXT Fans Give Up The Ghost

Among the many milestones in the tech world this last year, one occurred almost without notice. The Bay Area NeXT Group, an important user group formed 15 years ago around Steve Jobs' second great computer design, slipped into history in 2005, even as the technology that sparked it reached millions of users under a new name: OS X.

Stores Have Designs On Your Cash

Retailers are rearranging their showroom to make you more likely to buy than move on.

Mac Veteran To lead Macworld Events

Macworld Expo organiser IDG World Expo has appointed Mac industry veteran Paul Kent as new vice president.

Strategist Likes Apple, Corning

Apple is the next Starbucks, said Pip Coburn. Like the specialty coffee purveyor, Apple is discovering that the sky's the limit to the number of retail outlets it can successfully open.

iTunes Makes Apple Traffic Sing

Music fans flooding iTunes last month helped outpace Google and Amazon as the fastest-growing web site among the top 10 best-known online brands, according to a report released Tuesday.

Final Cut Pro v5.0.4 Update


Why Developing Scientific Apps For The Mac Is A Dead End Street

There simply isn't the market for the big boys, and most scientists have better things to do with their time than writing help pages and answering questions.

Where Are The Killer Scientific Apps For OS X?

That Intel Inside Thing

If Apple can engrave "Assembled in Cina" in 4 points font on the back of an iPod, why couldn't they, if they wanted to , engrave "Intel Inside" on the tough casing of a PowerBook? It would be the ultimate weapon, the one logo you cannot remove, peel away, scratch and yet, it would get plenty of press coverage.


Is It Wrong, Doctor?

Path Finder is slowly convincing and spoiling me.

iTunes And The 7-Burn Limit

You may be wondering what needs to be modified in a playlist in order for you to burn seven additional copies...


Why Strike?

I definitely may not fully understand the motivation of the New York transit union to go on strike, but it definitely sucks to be alienating your long-time customers.

Actually, why go on strike? Since you are going to break the law anyway, go back to work, operate those trains and buses, but don't collect any fares. You'll still hurt your employer, but your customers are going to be really happy.

Will The Reality Distortion Field Finally Run Out Of Juice?

Kevin Maney: Sometime in 2006, Steve Jobs will probably get hosed. That's not so much a prediction as it is playing the odds. Nobody in America gets such a long ride onthe oh-we-sooooo-adore-you bandwagon. Well, except maybe Jennifer Aniston.

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