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Saturday, December 24, 2005


iPod Overseas Report: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As iPods Proliferate, An All-Online Music Industry Is Born

Pricing Of Downloaded Songs Prompts Antitrust Subpoenas

Tne New York attorney general is investigating whether the four record companies that dominate the industry have violated antitrust laws in the pricing of songs that are sold by internet music services, according to people involved in the inquiry.

Shoppers Still Find iPods In Short Supply

Mac Mini: Not Just For Your Desk

Apple had its own vision for the Mac mini, but many adventurous users have taken the diminutive powerhouse far beyond what Apple had in mind.

Macs And iPods Sell well This Christmas

Resellers across the US are expecting to sell more iPods and Macs this Christmas than they did last year, according to analysts at Piper Jaffray.


Should Apple Port The iLife Suite?

The Cult Of Mac

Mac people, listen up: Don't blame the customer when something Apple does screws up.


My (New) Mate, TextMate

TextMate offers everything I like in BBEdit and plenty more.


Rumor Today: Mysterious New Desktop Machine Coming?

Jared Schmidt: I noticed something in the top global navigation bar... a grey box that is just about the correct size for a slice of a new system, equal in size to the Mac mini and iMac slices...

Hmmm... Or maybe it was the eMac that was removed?

The Key To iTunes Happiness

In my opinion, the key to being happy in using iTunes/iPod is not to think of the underlying file system. Throw away whatever you've learnt about the Finder and the file system and directories and file names and such. If you do so, you'd end up like Dave Winer, not being happy because of the additional "layer on top of the filesystem."

Instead, think of iTunes as a database. You don't go poke around inside an Oracle or MySQL or Frontier database to see the bits and bytes; so you don't go inside the iTunes library folder to see the individual files and such.

Manage your iTunes library with iTunes. (Or if you are adventurous, write your own Applescripts or ActiveX container.) Embrace ID3 tags. Embrace playlists and smart playlists.

Then you will be happy.


Lessons For The Day

1. Never ever expect IE to exhibit predictable behavior.

2. When you bundle your umbrella back up after it's been drying overnight, you might want to open it up and peek in real quick or you just might be carrying around a live tree frog for most of a day.

Yule Log For Your Pod

This Christmas, remember to bring along a burning yule log home.

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