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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


iPod Link Tunes In For Churches

iPods Dominate's Electronics Section

Apple's Long-Lasting Shine

Even after a three-year run that has sent Apple shares heavenward, some bulls believe the company — and its stock — can only climb higher in 2006.

Isle Of Man Schools Embrace The Mac

Every primary school on the Isle of Man uses Apple technology to help the children learn more effectively and develop skills for life.

iTunes To Offer Fee-Based Podcasts In 2006

It appears Apple will begin offering subscription fee-based podcasts through iTunes in early 2006.

And The Cutest iPod Baby Winner Is...


Is The iPod Our Way Of Tuning Out The World?

The other day, I had a near catastrophic experience: My iPod wouldn't charge.

More DRM Madness

The only way I see to sovle the DRM problem is for enough of us to vote with our pocketbooks. That's what I'm doing.


Mac Tis For Former Windows Users

In The iPod Zone

Your guide to the core features of Apple's hottest player.

Get Better Service(s)


Just-In-Time Marketing

According to the Inquirer, Intel is dropping its "Intel Inside" marketing tag line, and is moving on to a new campaign this January. Just in time, if you believe the rumors, for Apple's Intel Mac.

I didn't know that Apple has such a big influence on the technology world. :-)

Rumor Today: Intel Mac In First Quarter

EMSNow: [Apple] will help increasing the total production of first quarter next year for both companies [Quanta and Asustek].

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