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Thursday, December 29, 2005


iPod Replaced With Meat

Rachel Cambra claims that when her son opened his Apple iPod for Christmas, the device was nowhere to be found. Instead, she claims, the device was replaced by some kind of mystery meat.

The iPod Is Playing Hard To Get In Ulster

One of the seasonal must-haves - the iPod - continues to be virtually unavailable in Northern Ireland, retailers said today.

Some Nightspots Catch iPod Wave

This trend is a reflection of just how popular portable music has become and how sharing it with others is becoming easier than ever.

iPod 'Oblivion' May Increase Crime Risk

Police say they've noticed thieves targeting people who aren't paying attention because they're lost in the music.

Mac Users And The Macs They Use

I recently contacted a bunch of Mac professionals — journalists and developers — to ask them straight out: what Mac do you use? And what do you like about it? Here's what happened.

Music Downloads Up 50% As iTunes Dominates

Dressing Up Your iPod To Suit Your Personality

Within the rich ecosystem of iPod gizmos, the flora and fauna take exotic forms: glowing pink fish from Japan, scratchproof skin from Germany and snowball puffs of mohair from the United States that transform sleek gadgets into instant cuddle buddies.


iTunes Podcasting Support Leaves Me Wanting

Rejoice, Mac Heads, And Stay Tuned

This will be remembered as the year when Apple got the respect — and the stock price — it deserves. For 2006, bring on those Intel chips.

Spotlight: Is Your Mac Going To Rat On You?

The management of metadaa, who owns it and who controls it, is an area rife with serious security concerns.

[Tech] Winners And Losers 2005

During a year in which Apple revealed that every single Mac being sold through the end of 2005 was essentially obsolete, the company actually saw increased Mac sales, not lowered sales as one might rightly expect. That's not just unusual, it's incredible.


iTMS For The Rest Of Us

Time is ripe, more than ever, for Apple to start a global iTunes Music Store for the rest of the world. Podcasts, podsafe music, audio tours — gosh, the available content is limitless.

(Oh, and I know this will eat into your lock-in effect for iPods, but how about allowing publishers to choose whether they want to turn off your FairPlay DRM for the stuff they publish?)

A boy can dream, can't he?

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