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Wednesday, March 1, 2006


Bloggers Underwhelmed By Apple Announcements

Several bloggers voiced frustration at Apple's $349 solution to a problem they have been able to sovle with a $5 cable.

Over High-Fidelity, Companies Attempt To Refocus On Sound

iPod Hi-Fi Has Big-Sounding Ambitions

Could iPod Hi-Fi Alienate Accessory Makers?

The release of the iPod Hi-Fi speaker system moves Apple squarely into the high-end accessory territory marked out by third-party developers. And that could wind up backfiring on Apple if the company finds itself jostling with those developers for sales, analysts warn.

Apple Unveils Intel-Powered Mac Minis

Apple Announces iPod Hi-Fi Speaker System

Apple boosted its iPod accessory offerings Tuesday with the release of the iPod Hi-Fi, a portable high-fidelity speaker system taht works with the handheld music device.

Apple Updates Front Row Multimedia Program

The new version of Front Row allows users to access hared iTunes and iPhoto libaries and video throughout their home via Bonjour.

PowerBook G3s Get New Long-Life Batteries


Is Apple Preparing An Embedded Front Row Device?

Why do I need a full blown computer sitting there streaming all my media? I think people will start to question this. It is also why I think Apple will shortly come out with a simpler — and cheaper — solution.

Apple Boom Box Blooming Horrid

Let us be blunt about this: It is ugly.

In Defense Of The Aple Rumor-Mongering

That the products released today are underwhelming isn't the fault of our admittedly overhyped expectations, it's the fault of the underwhelming products being released.

The iTunes Music Store Is Outdated

If Apple doesn't do something to iTunes soon, then the application will quickly develop into a twisted version of Windows Media Player.

Apple's New Software May Steal The Show

Jobs spent only about five minutes talking about what I see as the big news of the day: Apple's first software for using a home network through a television screen rather than a computer monitor.

OK So We Have iPod Hi-Fi: So What About iPod Wi-Fi?

Intel Mac Mini's Video Card

Clearly, the Mac mini is not intended to deliver 3D gaming performance comparable to the iMac or MacBook Pro. It is, however, desigend to deliver absolutely smokin' video playback to displays more traditionally found in the home: TVs, home theaters, etc.

From Companion To Competitor

Moving from partner to competitor may not make iPod accessory makers happy, but it's bound to benefit iPod owners to the tune of more compelling products.

First Thoughts On The New Mac Mini

While the new Mac mini may not sport an array of entertainment features the Mac rumor mill has been chewing on, it is by no means unimpressive.

Apple Living Larger

The product announcements indicate that Apple is clearly trying to establish itself as a player in the battle for the digital living room, where computer and networking technology is married with consumers' traditional entertainment systems.

iPhoto 6: The Toolbar

Mac Mini's Second Act

I hope that Front Row continues to evolve, but even in its current state it makes the Mac mini a potentially excellent home-media appliance for the living room, attached to a great home theater sound system and a widescreen TV.

Hi-Fi, No Wi-Fi

Why does it lack Wi-Fi?

The Intel Mac Mini Is Perfect For HDTV

Apple's Special Event A Bit Of A Letdown

So I'm going home empty-handed and will remain that way until the next big Apple announcement.



Be Instantly Clever

Now, you can start to appear smart and intelligent whenever you talk to your friends — with Wikipedia in your pocket (actually, in your iPod).

Warning: You may not be that smart after all.


Napster Rues Microsoft, Player Glitches

Technical glitches by Microsoft and the digital music device makers have hampered Napster's ability to close the gap with Apple's iTunes, the dominant online music service, Napster's chief executive said on Tuesday.

Why Windows Vista Won't Suck

Here's a list of what's new and improved in Microsoft's next generation OS and why you should care about it.

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