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Wednesday, March 8, 2006


One In Eight Would Switch To A Windows-App Compatible Intel Mac

Analyst Needham & Co has found that if the new generation of Intel Macs can run Windows applications then Apple could see a sharp rise in the number of PC to Mac switchers.

Chinese Apple Users Launch National Mac Site

Use Of Podcasts Spreads To All Of U. Michigan

The ubiquitous iPods seen around the University of Michigan campus will soon be blasting lectures along with the latest Coldplay album.

iPod Finds A Home In The Living Room

Whether it's Apple's speaker system or one from a competitor, the result is a more tech-happy living room, more convenience and a higher fun factor.

In Storage, Apple Is Shining

Can Apple Make A Campus Comeback?

Popularity of iPods could lead more students to buy Macs.

MacBook Supply Could Affect AAPL

PCs Twice As Expensive To Maintain As Macs

Apple Sets August Date For Developer Conference

Short Student Film Created With iMovie Gets Nationwide Coverage

In iPod We Trust

Beloved by students worldwide, the ubiquitous little MP3 player is becoming a presence in the classroom as teachers discover its many educational uses.

iPod Craze Invades Campus

Waves and "hellos" from friends are increasingly lost in the white ear buds connected to a seemingly endless supply of music known as the iPod.

Apple Criticised For Persistent Trojan Flaw

A patch last week hasn't solved the fundamental problem behind the malware-disguising flaw, according to some experts.


iMac, Now With Apple Porn

Five Reasons Why There Will Be No Macs In 2010

iPod Firmware And Apple's Edge

There's a sympathetic relationship between the iPod and Hi-Fi — one where each device brings a little something to the party. This is an intriguing relationship, and one that could be of conern to iPod accessory makers.


So Near, Yet So Far For Apple's Hi-Fi

It does the whole wall of sound thing so well, it's easy to overlook its shortcomings, and here comes the whimper.

Intel-Powered Mac Mini Might Make You Switch

For most people, the well-behaved, low-maintainance Mac mini will run circles around a Windows-based system.

Apple Speaker iPod-Worthy



Apple has pushed this year's WWDC to a later date in August.

This could either mean that the next version of OS X is late. This could mean that someone in Apple forget to book the conference halls in advance. This could also mean that Steve has already booked a holiday in May/June and don't want to change.

But to the folks at Macworld Expo, this just mean the final death nail on the Macworld Boston coffin.


Somebody, some third-party iPod accessory manufacturers, is probably thinking whether to maintain good relationship with Apple so that everybody profit together, or sue and get the big bucks and retire.

Apple, you really got to maintain some sort of Chinese wall between your iPod team and iPod accessories team. You really got to make sure that whatever access to the internals of iPod is available to your accessories team is also available to third parties.

As it is now, the iPod Hi-Fi just smell of "abuse of monopoly position."


Intel shows Origami-Like Device

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