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Friday, March 17, 2006


The Truth About Your Battery Life

The industry needs to include battery specs for DRM audio tracks or the tracks we're buying or subscribing.

Apple Files For 'Aloha' Trademark In Hong Kong

From A Garage In California To A Billion Downloads Worldwide: Apple At Thirty

Now that the iconic brand is a Goliath and not a David, anti-trust concerns may begin to creep in.

PiperJaffray: "75 Percent Change" Of An Apple iPhone

Some Soft Spots For Apple Stock

New products bring short-term risks, which have spooked some investors. Do they plant a seed for future gains?

How The XP-On-Mac Prize Was Won


All I Really Need To Know I Learned From A 128K Mac

So what did that Mac teach me?

Imagine That!

It's true, my mother has a computer; but more than the fact that she (or any of us has one), it's what we are doing with them that is amazing us.

Swan Song For An iPod

Death, if we're so lucky, comes in the waning years of one's life. It would arrive with little suffering, as painless as closing your eyes and entering a deep sleep. Some of us aren't so lucky. My iPod wasn't. It suffered. And I cred a thousand tears.


iPod Hi-Fi Is Disappointing

This boom box for your iPod has so-so audio quality.

Enigmo 2

The addition of a 3-D workspace adds new challenges that make this a worthy successor to an already great game. I only wish it were a little less expensive.

Browseback 1.1: Web-Page Indexing Application Archives Browser History

If you are constantly referring to your browser's history, or you need full-text searching, Browseback 1.1 is worth a try.


Hello Again

Steve Jobs gave great presentations... even back in 1984.


Microsoft's Big Bet: Win With The Web

Will users deem Vista and Windows Live products ahead of their time, improvements that can wait? Or will they snap up the software-services combo as soon as it becomes available? The answer is six months or so away.

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