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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Apple iTuunes Killed The CD Star

Music downloads set to out pace sales of physical media by next year.

Apple Vs France

Apple Says Proposed French Law Smacks Of Piracy

Apple said on Tuesday a proposed French law that would force Apple to make sure that songs bought on its iTunes music store can work on any portable player would result in "state-sponsored piracy."

Apple Wins 36K Maine Laptop Contact

Apple this year has won a second significant contract for the large-scale deployment of laptops — this time in the state of Maine's school system.

MP3 Sales Going Nuts

Report: Apple Choosing Manufacturers For 'iPhone'

Analyst: No Event On Anniversay

UBS IT Hardware Analyst Ben Reitzes said that while he still expects Apple to introduce new products in the near-term, the company will not be holding a special event around its anniversary.

Can Anyone Topple Apple?

Does the maker of the iPod and the popular iTunes music store finally have to start worrying about tougher competition down the road?

France Moves Ahead On DRM Legislation


How France Is Saving Civilization

There are few Mac usrers prepared to argue that Microsoft's monopoly in desktop PCs has been a good thing for the technology industry; why would an Apple monopoly of digital entertainment be any different?

The Future Of Microsoft Office For The Mac?

Death To All iPods

Quite when it became acceptable to thrust a piece of hardware at me and ramble on about its gigabytes, shuffle facilities, twin cylinders, low-carb options or whatever it is that spews from the mouths of besottled owners into my personal space like sewage into a popular sea resort and making me want to cut their hearts out with a spoon, I do not know.

iPods And Teachers Make Good Match

Will XP Melt Your Mac?

The fans in Macs do indeed go on regardless of which OS is running. The bad news? Your fans may whirr constantly, causing a bit of noise pollution, and possibly draining your batteries before their time.


Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My MacBook

Getting used to and feeling comfortable with my MacBook has been very easy to do.


Warning, Macworld Expo...

Your Paris show might be in danger.

Update: As corrected by Shawn King of Your Mac Life, Apple Expo Paris is owned by Apple, organized by Reed Exhibitions, and has nothing to do with Macworld Expo. Sorry for the mistake.

The Idols Are Everywhere...

... but the singing is just as bad. :-)


What's Really Behind The Windows Vista Delay?

Microsoft's decision to launch Vista in 2007 instead of this year is as much about marketing as it is about product quality. Here's why.

Vista Debut Hits A Delay

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a delay of Windows Vista that will mean PCs with the new operating system won't go on sale until January.

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