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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Steve Jobs' Best Quotes Ever

One of the great things about Steve Jobs is what comes out of his mouth. The CEO of Apple is a master of hype, hyperbole and the catchy phrase. Even when he's trying to talk normally, brilliant verbiage comes tumbling out.

Warnings About Selling Your iPod Or MP3 Player

The question is — is it legal to sell a packed pod?

Hapy Birthday: WebObjects At 10

WebObjects has played an influential role in the history of hte web; a position it continues to fulfill today as the technology driving the market-leading iTunes Music Store.

Apple Commits To Windows Benchmarking

Changing Of The Guard At Apple. Who's Next?

Apple's 30" Cinema Display Gets Quiet Upgrade


Apple's Resurgence And The Element Of Style

There's no mystery here. The Apple stores and the online digital music stores embody the sense of style and attention the company traditionally lavishes on product design.

Apple Needs To Contribute More To Open Source And Free Software

The legacy of NeXT and FreeBSD saved Apple when Apple was struggling, now it is time for Apple and others to save OpenBSD by providing financial support.

iTunes Is Not The Messiah

Very few in Australia seem to have noticed the danger in something as ubiquitous and as powerful as iTunes, even if others around the world have already echoed big conerns.


Use Automator To Manage Workspaces

EyeTV 2.1: Premiere TV Recording Software Refines Features

The integated programming guide and new editing options make this upgrade especially worthwhile.


From The Desk Of Microsoft CEO

Steve Ballmer: I've got my kids brainwashed: You don't use Google, and you don't use an iPod.

It really must suck to be Steve Ballmer's kids. :-)

A New Apple Tree

Apples hanging on an Apple tree. I pity the tree, though.

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