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Friday, March 31, 2006


SigmaTel Shortfall Won't Affect iPods

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster maintained iPod unit sales estimates for Apple despite a recent revenue shortfall from iPod component supplier SigmaTel.

Apple's Finest Flip-Flops

This rocky passage has been mirroed by its publicity department and executives, who have occasionally overreacted to certain trends or simply missed others, resulting in an impressive number of public flip-flops over the years.

Despite Growth, Apple Falls Short On Enterprise Traction

As Apple reaches the 30-year mark, Macs are better integrated in enterprise systems than ever before. But if the enterprise market is paying attention, it isn't expressing this with large Mac purchases. It's also not evident how much Apple cares.

Pfeiffer Research Reports On Cost And Productivity Mac Versus Windows

Apple, Bose, Dell Tops In Consumer Electronics Brand Trust

At the other end of hte spectrum was Microsoft.

Aperture's Universal Binary Release Pushed To April


Where Apple Fails

If Apple is so great, how come it's so small?

Adios Avie

It's just a case of a very smart guy who decied a couple years ago to move on to something else, and tomorrow is moving day.

The Apple Effect


Remember, This Is Version 1.0

If you want to stay on the bleeding edge, buy, buy, buy. But there is a reason why there are advices on not buying 1.0 products.

Are We Getting It All Wrong?

You don't exercise with an iPod — whether listening or watching. You exercise with an Xbox 360!


Windows Rattled? Is Microsoft's "Wave Of Innovation" Bye Bye Ballmer?

How did the world's largest, richest, most powerful software company get this way? They've never had to weather a storm, work through a true crisis, or bet the farm.

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