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Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Leopard Nipping At Vista's Heels

So which will come first, the Vista or the Leopard?

Apple Preview Lacks Element Of Surprise

Shares slip after company unveils only the expected, ignoring stock option troubles.

Apple Execs Said To Get Options Windfall

Several options grants to top executives at Apple were dated just before sharp increases in its stock between 1997 and 2001, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday, citing a review of regulatory filings.

Apple Announces New Open Source Efforts

New Apple Features Sends Users Back In Time

How Musicians Can Use iTunes And The iPod For Exposure

Apple Computer Announcements Disappoint Investors

Shares in Apple fell more than 2 percent as investors had been hoping Steve Jobs would unveil his trademark surprise at Apple's annual software developers conference, such as a new iPod music player or a new digital movie rental service.

Apple Announces Mac Pro

The Mac Pro will sport Intel's Dual-Core 64-bit Xeon 5100 series processor, also known as "Woodcrest," running at speeds of up to 3 GHz with 4 MB of shared L2 cache.

Leopard iChat Gets Screen Sharing

Apple Previews Mac OS X Leopard, Leopard Server

New features include Time Machine, a persistent backup system that keeps track of your files and backs them up automatically, also providing you with version control, or the ability to restore specific versions of documents that have changed. Spaces lets you collect groups of applications required for various tasks — e-mail and web surfing, for example, or film and video tools — and switch between them instantly.

Apple Introduces New XServe

The new XServe — a quad Xeon, 64-bit server featuring Mac OS X Server Tiger on two Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors running up to 3.0 GHz — completes the company's transition to Intel-based machines across its entire product line.

Apple Drops Cinema Display Prices

Microsoft Kills Virtual PC For Mac

"Mac BU has made the decision not to move forward with a Universal version of Virtual PC at this time."


DTrace Is Coming To Mac OS X

Has Steve Jobs Lost His Magic?

Steve Jobs' keynote speech on Monday was the most uninspiring he's given in recent memory. It hints at the trouble Apple will be in marketing-wise if he ever steps down.

And You Thought Vista Was Looking Like A Colossal Failure Before

Time Machine was clearly thought of by coming up with a user interface that normal people would understand, and then the technical details were figured out. Where is the new file system and related tech in Vista?

The Myth Of The Living-Room PC

My theory is that PC-TV hybrid products aim for a sweet spot that doesn't exist.

New Mac Pro A Bargain?

Is There Hope For Apple In The Enterprise?

Other than converting to the Intel chip set, Apple, you're just not committing to us in this relationship.

A First Reaction To Mac Pro, Leopard

The Intel Switch Pays Off

Whatever uncertainty was caused by the company's switch to Intel chips has now been eclipsed by tangible benefits to its product line. That's good news for Apple — and even better news for the people who use its hardware.


No Smoking? How 20th Century

Everytime I fly, I always wondered about how much electricity are being wasted by the rows and rows of "No Smoking" lights on top of the seats. The smokers should have gotten the message by now, and many cents off my ticket could have been shaved off if only the lights are not there.

Well, the airlines are finally admitting the signs are obsoleted. But don't expect to see cheaper fares, because you'll now need "no mobile" lights.

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